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thank you for the advice, but you know how their money game goes
the moment you find a workaround they change the rules of the game
the other thing is that they can change the laws retroactively and take your money from the past when the law wasn't in place

the bean counters who print the money and tax the slaves have no qualms about doing immoral and unethical things for their masters as long as their salaries are secured

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ok you convinced me

either this is shilling by fud (albeit retarded, lazy fud)


you are the mask wearing, BTC twitter handle faggot

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>Now is come the final era of the Sibyl's song;
>The great order of the ages is born afresh.
>now justice returns, honored rules return (or return of Saturn's reign);
>now a new lineage is sent down from high heaven.

>On the day of judgment, he will be spared who has done service.
>Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, man and true eternal God, from Heaven will come to judge and to everyone will give what is fair.
>Great fire from the heaven will come down; seas, fountains and rivers, all will burn. Fish will scream loudly and in horror losing their natural delights.
>Before the Judgement the Antichrist will come and will give suffering to everyone,
>and will make himself be served like God, and who does not obey he will make die.
>His reign will be very short; in these times under his power will die martyrs, all at once those two saints, Elijah and Enoch.
>The sun will lose its light showing itself dark and veiled, the moon will give no light and the whole world will be sorrow.
>To the evil ones he will say very sourly: —Go, damned, into the torment! Go into the eternal fire with your prince of Hell!
>To the good he will say: —My children, come! Lucky ones, you possess the kingdom I have kept for you ever since the world was created!
>Oh humble Virgin! May you who have given birth to Child Jesus on this night, pray to your son so he will want to keep us from Hell!

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>when did women jump the shark?
right before WW1 and WW2
100 years of solitude
century of the self

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>He didn’t go up there to die...he went up there to live

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Faust is non-fiction

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The Holy Trinity

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>Why did you stop using your tripcode?
because I figured out what 42 meant and so didn't have a need for the name anymore
Made another 42 thread a couple weeks ago with the name, but it got shoa'd so hard that even the warosu archive was wiped (4chan shut down for about a half hour after this too)

I'll be making a reappearance most likely in the coming weeks because there's some really interesting developments regarding the topics we covered before. Specifically related to the physical and physiological changes you undergo through the process of enlightenment.

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Insider here, the 20min speech tomorrow isn’t going to be the same old presentation.

Got a little leak on what the topics are going to be, trips and I drop some breadcrumbs.

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good job Jordan, glad to have you

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>If we try to teach those who are not ready, how will it help them?
I'm always of the opinion that there is no time
it was a feeling that I was born with
I figure those who come here and react to these posts in a strong manner (positive or negative) do so because there is something inside them that wants to know

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>Work at literal normie town target
>make 13 an hour, soon to be 15
>live in a low housing cost state
>get a reliable roommate
>downpayment after about 8 months
>pay off house in 5 years
>go travel the world/jerk your dick off in the corner or whatever and rent your house out

Its not that fucking hard you stupid fucking mongoloid. Stop being a baby bitch about it and just shut the fuck up and do it. All throughout history we've had to do hard shit for essentially nothing, this current time era we are in is absolutely the easiest we've ever had it and don't you fucking argue that. You are virtually at no risk of death unless you actively invite it, you are not owed a house, you are not owed a car, you are owed nothing.

I'm 22 and am on the verge of buying my own house with my girlfriend, your mentality is the same which kept my parents and their generation renting houses bigger than they needed, and ended up needing my grandparents to pay their rent.

Its not that fucking hard to understand holy shit.

Renting house/apartment = burning fuel to not die

Buying a house = cutting down wood to burn for other shit

Both require work to do, but one lets you actively invest time in other things. God fucking damnit I hate faggots like you, stop fucking complaining and do it holy fucking shit.

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sad that infographics are considered text walls in (current year + 4) lol
I hold out hope for our new marine friend
he calls himself dumb, but I don't buy it

>im a nulinker, sub 100 iq wageslave
these are the people that need our help the most
these are the people that are spit upon and are kicked and chastised and called "incels" and "toxic males"
yet they are the salt of the Earth and are helping to keep things running smoothly
they deserve more help and genuine care
instead of what the shitty deal they have now

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Lost 2.5k on that BTC shit already... 3.5. more to go. Fuck you biz for your stupid advise!

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"O Solitude! You are my home, Solitude! Too long have I lived wild in wild and foreign lands for me not to come home to you in tears!

Now just threaten me with your finger, as mothers threaten, now smile to me, as mothers smile, now just say: ‘And who was that, who once stormed away from me like a storm-wind?–

‘–who cried in parting: Too long have I sat with Solitude, and so unlearned being silent! That—you have surely learned now? ‘O Zarathustra, I know all: and that among the many you were lonelier, you singular one, than ever you were with me!

‘Loneliness is one thing, solitude is another: that—you have learned now! And that among human beings you will always be wild and strange: ‘–wild and strange even when they love you: for they want to be treated gently by everything!"

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>42, you legit make me feel like I’m going mad - in a good way.

>Where do you go to school?
you can call it the school of hard knocks
and you can't buy your way in, you've got to earn the knowledge

>my friends
with an attitude like yours, I'm surprised you have any

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Oh I'm being entirely realistic
you will see
give it time
the kind of change I'm talking about isn't good if it happens too quickly
it will need to be gradual
but I'm always open to being chekked in terms of my statements and am always open to new information and points of view so I do appreciate the other side you are arguing for here
>mfw we will show them all

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>Pro tip. Do not talk about Chainlink to your romantic interests ever. I’ve experienced this first hand twice. Unironically got dumped twice for being “money hungry”.
you're with the wrong women
the one I told about it ended up buying 5,000 links for herself
she's a smart cookie and very devoted

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Tearful anon

This message is for everyone who helped me realize what I was doing wrong

Never in a million years would I imagine the lion king and little buddha could have such an impact

Link is up 50% I am still poor but who cares when you see what's coming

Thanks to the anon who helped me I'll never forget your words

Hug biz fwens

All is good money woes exist but MONEY CAN WAIT its not everything knowing things will get better feels amazing

It's happening as we speak

This has been one hell of a ride


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>not so sure
anon...i...i have some bad news for you
see --> >>14218563

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I Cried today

I lost my career, soon to be wife 6 years+, my car was repod lost $14k, I only have 1 relative no one else. I need to buy medicine and stuff but cant. I lost friends to hardcore drugs. Life is hard some anon /biz/ last week talked about a divine power looking over us (Jesus) I asked him why do people suffer why is life hard. His reply was


Free will

I get it

What goes up must come down.

I also said

You can't have it all

We made it biz bros, life is hard for me right now but dammit you guys made it all better

From the bottom of my heart thanks biz fwens

Link 1000 eoy

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>I have some major health issues and doctors say I need to avoid labour work at any cost pretty much.
ain't that a bitch, sorry to hear that anon
just keep me in mind, I will actually be coming back with my wealth and will show our people the light
Croatia is actually a better long term investment than Canada or USA in my opinion which is why I want to buy resorts/motels/hotels and coastal land

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>In his conferences he says that behind closed doors many top physicists agree with him but they wont admit it publicly because the physics departments are actually very wary of challing the "status quo" so to speak
I've heard this before, psychedelics will be the new frontier of physics, mark my words

numbers don't lie

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