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Remember 1000EOY, or the "singularity" Advocate? Or maybe you don't because you just found out about LINK 2 years ago, Advocate.

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memes are a big part of marketing now

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it's a meme from 2018...

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ed listed at number 3. maybe some info on chainlink nodes as validators.

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Link has not gone parabolic yet anon
Kek knows all

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I'm comfy being a 2,5klet with my frens toasting vintage memes

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when did u get into avax?Eoy price expectation?
don't you expect a massive selloff to under 40 once wallets are unfucked?
Also, they seem to be managing the problem, I just don't know how to time my entry. Also this March token release has me concerned

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You clearly missed out, I'm up 7 figures from link alone. That's right, buying and holding this 1 thing since 2017/2018 has unironically made me a millionaire BEFORE the next bull run has even begun. Let that sink in

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Oi lads I've got some crypto from before the crash in 18 and I've just sat on it. I want to make some political bets. Where can I bet 10k linkies that Trump wins? I'm American if it matters.

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I got you. The swap is indeed a big ol' pain in the fucking asshole.

Nothing wrong with AVAX but do realize it's just another generic platform. If any other platform is next it's Cosmos, imho.

Last few years have been pretty great. Let's keep it going. Reddit too stupid to figure this out. Let's get back to dunking on their dumbasses.

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I turned my roommates onto crypto during the recent Chainlink pump (I'm an o.g. LINK Marine), and one of them asked me about Orchid.

I looked into it. I wasn't sure how I felt about that Tony Hawk pro skateboard halfpipe of a chart it has right now, but we've kept watching it.

I have two stacks: a sizeable offline stack of Chainlink worth about 3/4 of my entire portfolio, which I keep offline in a paper wallet... and a much more reasonable stack worth about $60k right now on Coinbase.

I've been swapping back & forth between BTC & LINK, scalping profits and gaining on most of my swings.

Moments ago, I looked at the price of OXT.

It was fifty cents.

I bought 300,000+ OXT just now; wtf am I doing?

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I unironically swapped 4,200 LINK for about 6.333 BTC.

I feel this coming dump in my bones. I'm an OG Link Marine, and I really think we've gotta batten down the hatches and reef the sails, because a shitstorm's brewing, and not a good one, either. I have a friend who's VP of a Fortune 500 company -- one of the successful blockchain startups from 5+ years ago -- and, well, just sell your LINK.

I still have a stack big enough to retain my rank of Sergeant Major, and, in six months, I'll be a Lieutenant again... or maybe even a Captain.

I'm telling you, it's a bullflag on the daily, parabolic on the weekly... but weakly in volume on the hourly, my frens.

This is where we take our profits. This is our 2017 spike before that sickening dip. This is how clever LINK Marines make rank, although it means abandoning the line. Retreat? No: reconsolidation; we are adjusting our fighting positions on a dynamic battlefield.

Play smart, Marines -- this is a time to re-up on ammo, take a sip of water and get ready to soldier on with a bigger stack.

Follow me!

>at time of sale these prices were on the market:

BTC -- $12,345
LINK -- $18.88

>believe me, we're going down to $16 again for a minute; get ready to jump in there or just below $12 if this is as bad as I feel it will be

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At the height of the next cycle of speculative mania, after staking and the supply has been reduced to sub 50 mil, the price of chainlink will exceed $3200 dollars per coin. If you have at least 500 LINK right now, you'll have made it.

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Lol you guys want to hear a really fucking crazy story? Shortly after the great bubble popped and bitcorns hit 25k or whatever retarded shit it was, I stumbled across this site. I didn't spend much time, but I did spend a few days browsing. I kept seeing link threads, over and over and over. I was there for pic related. I held bitcorn because I didn't know any better, so i did the math and I found I had enough sats for exactly 1200 links at the time. I said what the fuck, if these nerds are right I'll be a millionaire and I've lost everything anyway. This was at the height of the 1000 eoy meme. So I bought the links, transferred them to a wallet, and literally forgot they existed. And now that shit is worth more than 20 grand and it just keeps going. This so surreal. Imagine if I actually become a millionaire literally completely on accident.
>tldr this board is based

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Go on then

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remember you are part of history anons

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