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I wouldn't bother with the CISSP unless you have work experience. you literally have to have 4 years minimum just to get the cert. also don't start it without experience in the field or other certs or you'll be wasting your money probably not passing or understanding shit

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take your meds nazi chuds get out of cryptocurrency and get a well diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds and Gold

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I've had a growing feeling over the last couple of weeks that crypto will be a scapegoat for the current banking crisis somehow.

As in the government comes out and pushes that through people taking money out of banks and into crypto it has further destabilized the economy in turbulent time and needs heavier regulation. Just as an example.

What are biz's theory's of how crypto could be blamed for the current crisis?

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Trapping the entire population's savings in their bank accounts and doling it out at your leisure sure would be one way to get a handle on inflation wouldn't it?

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>AWS partnership
>"uuuh actually avax will not need AWS"

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i was what they called a "gifted" kid in the 2000s

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but topping out on the weekly
>what did they mean by this?

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>Open wick id

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Elon steps down from twitter, friend larry ellison joins in. They funnel money into a new metaverse platform called Circuit or something stupid. They start acquiring web3 projects such as dfinity, avax, idk??... Twitter purchases and integrates the new platform and utilizes the tech under new names. Elon gets investigated for security fraud

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He's a schizo fuckwit.

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>maybe because it means binance will at that point be more or less directly funding TR at CZs expense
Fugg maybe that's been CZ's plan all along? They've already stated openly that they're in talks with Binance regarding this proposal. Could this be the culmination of CZ's 7D underwater zero-gravity Mancala game to fund the restoration of LUNC without being accused of market manipulation?

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Genuine question, but who exactly is protecting him? If you owed the government 5 figs in taxes and fled the country, they'd find your ass asap.. yet with sam, everyone knows his address, but nothing is done. Even bitboy went in front of Sam's place in person, yet the the u.s. government does nothing. You avoid 5 figs in taxes? You're fucked. The mafia hunts you. SBF steals billions and he's fine. He just tweets from the bahamas. What the fuck?
Who is protecting him? Gary Gensler? Janet yellen? Who are all the ones connected in this web of fraud?
Even normies must know this is weird, right? Or are normies too stupid to figure out the government is connected to SBF?

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Do you guys think there's some big power controlling crypto?
Think about it. DXY shat and what happened afterwards? S&p, dji, spx, and gold all rallied. Technically btc rallied too (btc crash happened before dxy shat). The crash happened thanks to the FTX bullshit.

Was the FTX downfall.. planned? But then again.. CZ is anti-semitic.. and him selling his bag basically triggered the fall? Am I wrong? I trust CZ as one of the fee honest people in crypto so any conspiracy involving him is void to me. The timing of this shit is just so fucking weird to me. Like some higher power planned this in order to have btc go to 10k. Price feels preprogrammed and I feel like the oligarchs use news as a narrative to explain the moves.

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you do realize that bad news is good news.
unemployment needs to go up, demand needs to go down. What's worrisome is that there's still not enough pain in the economy during one of the worst economic points in history.

So, my tinfoil question is still valid. Why is unemployment still low? Is it because too many boomers retired or because too many people died during Covid or got long covid and wont return to the workforce any time soon(same problem in the entire western world btw).

If my tinfoilery turns out to be true, it would explain why china has pursued such insane covid restrictions/lockdowns.

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Covid wasn't revealed to be a bioweapon
No great pedo ring was unearthed
Covid wasn't revealed to be a hoax
Trump lost
No great acts of voter fraud revealed
There will be no US civil war

Retards need a new conspiracy to cling to, they'll come up with something new in a month or two when this turns out to be nothing. AGAIN.

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>To require member banks to maintain pass-through digital dollar wallets for certain persons, and for other purposes.
What is this all about and why was joe rogan so eager to SHUT IT DOWN when adam curry brought it up on his podcast?

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There's always some sort of October surprise, and I think the economy could be it. Will it happen? Who's to say, but here's how it's played out this year:

It doesn't matter what it is: "grab em' by the pussy, Muslim ban, orange man bad, he's a racist, muh Russia" and so on. Not an fucking thing the left has thrown at him had traction. Not to mention that the economy has been roaring since Obama left office, all due to things Trump has put in place. The dems knew that crashing the economy would be their only shot. They did it, but it's been recovering slowly, but that it was so easily manipulated with the Wuhan willies all for political theater shows how jewed it all is. They also tried to sew societal unrest with those riots, only to ultimately redpill more people. It's all blown up in their faces. I can totally see them making an economic hail mary on or just before October, which could be one reason they're trying to rush Just Shelton into the treasury to fast track us all back into the gold standard and possibly crypto (for all you XRP schitzos out there).

Not to get on some Q larp shit, but you don't have to read between the lines. Most of this circus has been in plain sight because Dems have done not a God damn thing but seethe and be sore losers for four years straight now.

Now where did I put my meds...

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>paid off all my purchases today
>go to grocery store for some victory food
>see man wearing shirt that says silver on the back
I am as highly tuned into universal vibrations as I am schizophrenic, so take it from me: we're all gonna make it bros

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Read the protocols of the elders of zion

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Don't forget the FSB backed ETH

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top kek

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