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>Kleros has now paid out over $120,000 in ETH to jurors, over 500 cases, from 33m PNK staked in courts
>thats a dividend of slightly under half a cent per PNK
>average P/E of a NASDAQ stock is 21.22
>.0045 (dividend) x21.22 (p/e) = 9.5c is the "fair" price
>Kleros is currently slightly undervalued in traditional markets, and extremely undervalued compared to other crypto.
>Future integrations and increasing numbers of cases have not been priced in.
>Linguo has not been priced in. API3 has not been priced in. Insurance has not been priced in. Real world usecases have not been priced in.
>assuming everything in crypto gets a conservative 10x hype valuation (nothing except BTC and ETH are really worth their valuations and all alts have *at least* a 20x hype factor), then the CURRENT crypto "hype" valuation of PNK is 95c.
>if PNK is integrated into more crypto products, and 100 cases go to court per day, that's $9m of ETH handed out per year
>that's a dividend of 27c per year, so the "fair" value of PNK would be $5.80 and a "hype" valuation of $58.00
>if PNK is integrated into real world products, and 1000 cases come per day, the fair valuation is $58.00 and the "hype" valuation $580.00
Why are you not buying every PNK you can possibly get your hands on? Cases are going parabolic and nothing has been priced in. There are idiots actually selling their PNK at these prices. You should be buying and holding.

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You are going to have to wait at least until 2022 then

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This is bullish

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70k. Not selling until 20 usd.

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