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this is the thought process I imagine most ADA buyers to have

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>supply is too low

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when you start shaking during an excersise it literally only means your muscles are done, there is no more juice and your body mobilizes your bones, joints and spine to keep you from falling/dying. This kind of activity is called "going to failure" and its proven to actually hurt your progress - whether its buidling muscle, endurance or becoming better at certain activity. It also releases cortisol which is a hormone opposite to testosterone, which should be the last thing you should want to do as a man. Hell, even as a woman.

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>imagine not knowing how to reverse search an image
retards like you will be the downfall of this board

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>muh goodboi points
>muh special colors

the absolute state of discord trannies

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Why are people so fucking stupid? Why are all the newfags coming now after LINK has 10x? Why will more newfags come after it 100x? Don't they understand that the most basic principle of making money in investing is to beat the market? What do they even think they are doing, buying into pumps? Why does it make me so irrationally angry even when they are literally giving me money?

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No not at all. You just made implied that bezos did as much for his money as this whole did.

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Fucking retard. Doesn't even get basic sarcasm

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Based helper anon. Cheers!

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But all of this is a non-sequitor stemming from the fact that you are extrapolating the negative feeling towards one woman to all women of her level of attractiveness, which was never implied by >>13848608

All of you guys talking about evo-psych are literal fucking retards who lack reading comprehension.

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>homeschool bad

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xrp level retard detected

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>not only generically
not making a great case for whites

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Fucking retard. The UK I'm sure on its own is much stronger than the other 27 countries together. I hope there's a no Deal so that retards like you die of starvation on the street.

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its like.. who even cares anymore. Fukin kek. Go down, im already like 99% down. Go up, im already like 99% down. Fukin lel. Literaly my first post here after months.

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>people who pirate to avoid paying for shit will start paying for torrents
this is how the average /biz/ "investor" thinks

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are there really still people who believe this meme is the future? just lmao
do you think a normie wants to wage cuck it 40 hours a week only to wake up one day and see that the "currency" they got paid in lost 10% of it's value overnight? god damn that is delusional. retail money is permanently scared of how fast bitcoin can lose it's valuation.
now don't get me wrong, bitcoin has it's uses but its realistically headed back to it's true value: double to triple digits.
sorry to burst your bubble but you will NEVER ever EVER see bitcoin at 20k again. if cryptocurrency ever becomes mainstream/standardized you can bet your sweet honey glazed tits the coin of choice will be similar to USDC, USDT or whichever one (((they))) choose.

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>acting like you're not all plebbitors yourselves when the top fud comment has 43 likes

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