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What happened is a half dozen autists scour this project because new, It looks legit. We shill it really fucking hard because we buy a shit load of it and it seems like this could be fucking huge, I mean look they have ETH. But then because we're autists and care a lot about the investment we dig and dig and dig and it turns out that at the bottom there isn't any treasure there is just a big steaming pile of shit. And that's what you have here. So now the same autists then return to everyone they shilled and say "Um actually This project is horrible and here is why" and then are shamed.

This is because all truth goes through 3 phases, first it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third it is accepted as being self evident.

I have reached acceptance and sold. If this does become new world order token then wow I sure did fuck up. But there is nothing at the bottom of this and the 80% of dev tokens that are supposedly "locked" and "vested" as well as the ones that are "held for stakers" are all in the same wallet. With no contract. Just a single wallet the devs control. Eventually I suspect that they will rug, but maybe I'm just being mean and it isn't that they're evil scammers but rather just incompetant developers. Either way, I guess this journey is just what it means to climb the mountain.

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You guys are going to want to look at this one.

Quick Rundown, from Co-founder

CEO is the Former President of Estonia.
Everest ID, $ID is probably the closest thing to "Link 2" that I can think of that exists, and it listed at .15c for presale yesterday. Its going for .30 as of writing. Everest ID is NWO token on steroids. Everest ID is run by a Malta based company seeking "solve poverty" by providing Identification and access to crypto for 100% of the global population. They will do this using facial recognition and biometric data stored on chain and "in the cloud", as well as providing "Everwallets" for everyone. You may have heard rumors or "schizo conspiracy theories" earlier last year about ID2020 060606, this is it.

Everest ID will provide free wallets for everyone accessible without cellphones through biometric and facial recognition data stored on chain and in cloud forever. World leaders already onboard. https://www.biometricupdate.com/201901/everest-brings-distributed-approach-to-biometric-id4d

Here is the Tracker Page and Dex Tools

You're welcome.

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