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You insufferable pol faggots need to go back to your shit board with your shit 4 digit bank accounts.

You have nothing to teach anybody but how to be ideologically brainwashed and poor.

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I hear you, I miss this place and b. Thing though, is no one can be this stupid. No way these guys obsessed with race aren’t Russian bots just trying to further divide US sentiments.

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You are a idiot. Go back to pol, bet a peasant like you has less than 5k to invest.

Yes corporations loved the mass supply of cheap labour, and everyone should love and admire the Chinese insistence on infrastructure.

That’s all it is. No corporation or person envies a society where ceo disappear for political reasons, have to pay huge taxes, Have political government interference, and regularly have to pay bribes.

You are poor and stupid and parroting Russian propaganda bullshit.

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Yea, the person who supports free open markets is a lefty pol communist?
Now that Trump is making Obama look like a fiscal conservative how are you poltards rationalizing your MIGA president?

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