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>this entire fucking thread
He won

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Not on my watch.
the only way to make gains with link is shorting it at all times. Its the most profitable coin to short because the token is not needed for anything.

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The hero we never knew we needed.. The BVLL of BVLGARIA. This man handedly defeated the legions of chainshit demons and stopped the WEF globohomo 4IR in its tracks.
The world is healing.
Glory to mastermind simeon! glory to BVLGARIA!

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from 59:56 to 1:00:26
>Nexo...they seemed strong, they seemed like they were in a place to be able to weather the storm, but I just want to emphasize... neither david nor myself know for sure whether it's solvent.

from 1:00:59 to 1:01:13
>We are not sure where the next contagion to happen is... We sign these sponsors kind of 3 months in advance, so we have to finish our commitment to nexo. We'll definitely be re-evaluating...

That's what people who are literally ***paid by nexo*** are saying. Top fucking kek.

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