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You shall be rewarded for your patience, anon.

Hope you scored that chick you went on a date with that week.

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For any lurking newfrens thinking of getting on board, a suicide stack is 10k.

>Suicide STAtistic
Didn't buy or sold below 0.01, will buy at 100$

>Slow STArters
5k stack or less

Between 5k and 10k

>Suicide STAckers
Between 10k and 20k

Between 20k and 30k

Between 30k and 60k

between 60k and 100k

Between 100k and 250k

Between 250k and 500k

Between 500k and 1mil


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Scott has made himself known in the TG. Higher lows. Token distribution improving.

Where were you when you knew you were going to make it?

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choo choo get on board!

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Yes, they are attached. Balancer is automated market maker, so in the suggested case:
section of wBTC in the pool is sold to buy all other coins to hold representative % (because they go down) of the pool. To be fair it´s not a good case. But you earn fees and BAL token And you can unstake your wBTC anytime. Your coin in pool hardly depends on other coins in the pool.
I put my 770 LEND (244usd at the time) at almost ATH (0.3usd) in pool with 50 LEND /50 wETH
= 386 LEND (122usd) / O.51 wETH (122usd)
LEND goes down (now 0.28) and ETH goes up. Portion of ETH has to be sold to buy LEND. I get fees and BAL (not so much BAL because my share of pool with LEND is almost zero) and now after one week I can unstake in one asset (LEND) and I get 954.5 LEND = 279usd (and I believe in LEND so after one week from 770LEND to 954LEND without any work is like heaven for me)
So the good case = pool your coin at ATH (then goes down) and other coins in pool goes up.
Perfect case = everything is up forever.
It depends how you want to use balancer pool.

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All in!!!

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