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YGMI brother :)

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I continue to hold. It's so comfy. Long term, we rise. The rest is just noise. Crypto is so obviously here to stay and still so early it's literally like investing in Microsoft and Apple in the 80s

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My wife after I bought said “but I heard it’s going much lower to 10k” She is my normie Oracle.

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There is not gonna be any more exchange ]s collapsing the tether fud is BS and if you didn’t buy in the last week then you missed the bottom. You are now chasing the price.

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He's probably right. It's not a surefire, but looks like to me. Source:

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Based biz anon thank you very helpful insights. Will definitely check that thread and Vitaliks thoughts.

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kiwi here. I can explain.
we keep rising the cost of production through minimum wage hikes and increased regulation. Then everybody is astounded when the cost of good increases with a profit margin to suit.
If something cost a dollar more to produce because the govt says wages must be higher, the producer doesn't charge a dollar more, they charge 2 because they have to take on the risk of hiring some maori who can't pull his weight and you can never fire them because muh employment laws. Plus you as the reisk taker want to make a profit, not work for free.
>Every time minimum wage goes up minimum wage workers get poorer and cheer about it like the fuckwits they are and NEVER learn.
>if it worked, then why didn't the last 30 wage hikes make them richer and have them owning homes?
Its obviously slightly more complicated that this but thats the general idea.

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