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>have never bought a link
should I kms at this point?

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>women trying to look cute or sexy
>women trying look cute blowing a fan up her skirt like Konata-chan from my favorite anime

I find this to be nothing more than cringey and unattractive in the highest degree. it's literally creepy when a 3dpd girl does things like this.

Only anime girls should be allowed to do this.

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>too smart to invest in shitcoins
>too broke to invest in legitimate projects

Anyone else know this feel?

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Asking unironically
Almost all non-person facing jobs are low paying or capped out. Promotions into management positions require interaction
The way most people get rich is merely by convincing other people to trade with them, whether it be a good or service which requires in person interaction whether it be starting your own business or working sales at a company (will have to interact with customers)
Only other way is entertainment, which you 100% need to be attractive to succeed in.

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it was smoke and mirrors all along

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how can I profit from this?

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How can you analyze delta risk CRBP shill? I'm curious.

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when summary hearing

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>Dad is watching ancient aliens again
These fucking aliens did a bunch of shit.

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Yeah cool but who the fuck is Rin?

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Not watching anime, waiting for a fren to play minecraft with me

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