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Help a poor anon out

initiativeq com/invite/rldiyAhfQ (add dot.)

Only requires (fake) emails. Much appreciated. Will verify fast so you can do it yourself too, lets all get the moolah!

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>Can't run transactions without VTHO.
>Token swap not started yet.
Really joggin my noggin here, OP.

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Anyone got advice to help me grow my web design business? I currently have an advertising bot on craiglist and get customers from 25 US cities. I charge a flat rate and provide the same one-size-fits all website to everyone. Most of my clients are construction companies, restaurants, or other local service style businesses. Example: johnsauto801.com

I never meet the customers. In order to provide security for both parties, I build the site (which they have seen and will know what it looks like) and upload it to my sample site. If they like it they pay me and I upload it to their webhost. Sometimes people welch but since I am using the same template for everyone the time lost on building the site is minimal.

My biggest advantages over the competition are these: Price. I can charge as little as $200 and still be well rewarded for my time. Free advertising on craigslist. I have a transaction model that allows for safe dealing over long distances. I have a product that every business needs and many still don't have.

Biggest problems: Welchers. I oftentimes have people who ghost or otherwise never pay. Organization of the customers is a problem. Since the information to contact the company is on craigslist, I get many scam and robo callers. The business is often reliant on the customer themselves to provide different forms of content, such as price lists, and the customer can take a long time in coming up with it. This is the step where I would say I lose the most business. Also dealing with the craigslist counterbot procedures can be a pain, especially if I slip and don't check for a day or two.

My next goal is to look to outsource the building of the website. Has anyone worked with upwork.com? Does anyone have any other suggestions or experiences to share? I know this isn't crypto related but I don't mind hearing everyone's perspective on this. If you think crypto can help me tell me about it.

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