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Your nose is showing rabbi

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Theoretically, how are NFTs used to dodge taxes? Asking for a friend.

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My mom said a huge rat ran into my room while I was at work. How do I profit from this?

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Good thing the US military is 6 millions of years ahead in terms of ayylium technology

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>don't want government meddling in this shit
>however have never done anything shady myself
>binace was kyc'd and moved on coinbase months ago
>on-ramp was coinbase

Honestly if you weren't prepared for this as someone with a bunch of anonymous addresses, what were you thinking? That institutions you hate would continue to serve you regardless?

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I think this perception of yours is a sign of the times we are living in, trans "people" are filling the bottom rungs of the female sexual dominance order, which apparently is where you feel that you can successfully "compete" for a "mate". You are basically just a subject of an Overton Window shift.

In the past, before dating apps, idpol brainwashing,etc. you would have had whole cute girls at least partially available to you, they're mostly in a revolving door with higher value males now. You get the leftover frankestein desert of trannies, and you should at least have the dignity to understand the nature of your own plight rather than rationalizing being completely MKULTRA'd by "society" here on an anonymous koi fish farming bulletin board system.

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You'll live in self immiseration and despair until you stop allowing that to be your reality.

Go work a really hard fucking job for a few months. Save some cash and then go think about that experience and realize that you are swimming against entropy just to exist. You are privileged to be at a time and place where you can create a comfortable existence, but anxiety, misery, despair, this is all a self manifestation and will be your cage.

Don't want to work or create a positive mindset? Then you will get what you deserve, and if you're honest with yourself - you know this is the only outcome. You can change or continue to exist in the same reality.

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He could have been partying all his life if he was smarter than a rock. Not based at all

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