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I still believe in the infinity pool, so I do not plan on selling any of my CS shares. Hopefully there are enough people out there that feel the same.

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I also have 60 in Revo my dude. Bad thing is that they don't allow DRS.

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Start doing yoga. Do this video every day or at least 3x a week.

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How many souls do the whales want to snatch with this bull trap?

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So shops are going to put prices of food and drinks back down to pre-inflation levels now that inflation is over, right?

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I am really looking forward to monday

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i fucked up today and stared at the fucking ticker all day. i havent done that since last summer. stressed me the fuck out. but i took up yoga since then and it's calmed me down. here's a yoga video for any frens out there that cant help themselves and watch the charts all day. i promise it's only 10% gay and kinda silly but totally worth it. also look up breathe and flow on youtube if you want more challenging stuff.

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Get a pond for the Apuary too

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frog website though

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Are you implying we care about Solana?

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>don't have to keep switching from euros to dollars in coinmarketcap because the value is the same anyway

Always look on the bright side of life, frens

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>Still trying to create a false sense of urgency
Yawn. I'm comfy and I'm patient.

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I will not "have sex"
I will not "go outside"
I will not "treat women like normal people"

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Sucks for you I guess. Being comfy is so much better.

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>No OOOs until 200
>No OOOs until 200
>No OOOs until 200
>No OOOs until 200
>No OOOs until 200

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Spy puts and UVXY calls. I'll admit if I could time this better my account would look much better. I broke 10k a few weeks ago, I bought puts and fell to 6k flat, then shot up to 12k. Basically if I held off on buying I would have done 10k to 20k instead. Almost everytime I buy too early. I used to mess with SOXL and it's still possible to swing trade it but I got burned too much on it.

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HBAR is mathematical perfection and the best L1.
ICP can securely host websites and save trillions of IT costs for companies.
LINK can take real world utilization of smart contracts to the next level and will run cross-chain.
I want them all but my money is limited...

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they are dumping btc to kill off ICP's rally.
why sbf hate icp so much and want it to die?

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some fagit jannie told me i get 1 per bread, so

Don't forget to Prepp the BHLL lads gonna be bannanas
also is gayhorse gonna touch .12 again?

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I want another great depression. Even worse than the first. I want to find that proverbial can we've been kicking down the road for decades and pick it up so that our kids don't have to.

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He was too good for us

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I don't think he will announce anything new, it's just a Q&A with WSJ, not a press conference

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I usually don't write anything here. I just read. Just wanted to warn you that a 51 year old who's still using a Nokia phone has started to invest in crypto. Do what you will with that info.

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