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Holy shit a new level of FUD xD
This is getting classic. Tell us - and be truthful... Were you the baby boy?

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I feel more connected to anons here than most people irl, gives a sense of brotherhood without ever seeing anyone of you.

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Bro same

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Well anon, in the interest of truth... Apu is Finnish. His name means Help Helper. Jeets are welcome tho, all are frens here.

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Yeah, this is huge. Not because I know who this guy is or anything specific to him, but because this is direct proof of concept that normies on twitter are going to buy Apu en masse just because he’s cute (and they know him).

Pepe tier meme magic is coming.

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just get in earlier and get out earlier. simple

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Oldfags, incidentally, live on oldschool ETH chain. I like ETH coins, they feel like gold compared to silver.

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There are many days where my index funds made me more money than my actual job.

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Life is a bull market

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>warnings against the american norm
Checked. People treat the "american dream" as some checklist where they feel they have to do certain things at certain points in their lives or they feel like a failure. This is some really fomo because people end up rushing into way too much unnecessary responsibility that ends up becoming burdens for the rest of their lives. And it's genuine copium that when they feel stressed and upset they convince themselves at least they are living a "successful" life with purpose. I genuinely can't imagine living the life of a regular person in america. Sounds hellish to me.

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Thanks for the tip but I'm white; I know how to swim already

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>I was looking for a job then I found a job
>And heaven knows Im miserable now...


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Here my prayer.
I am enamored with all of mankind. The little frogs of 4chan, joking around. And the bankers of first republic, nervously making exit plans. All are my friends! We are only here a short time.
Thank you.

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I went to one party ever as a man. My friend in college invited me over his house. Everyone was playing beer pong and being loud. I went on a two hour walk around his neighborhood then said goodnight to everyone when I got back and drove home.

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>Recognizing you have no fucking clue what's going on and staying in a minimal risk area that's still not 0% growth
Smarter than a lot of the people here, if we're being honest

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>don't fap for a week or 2
>crypto goes up
>fap 2x a day for a week
>crypto goes down
>stop fapping for 2 days now
>crypto going back up
why has god given me this responsibility?

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>S&P now red on the YTD
Finally, nature is healing

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I need MOASS to happen so I can get out of this place. Yesteraday I almost called someone a dumb nigger (he is, but still). GET ME OUT OF HERE. I don't want to be stuck here forever.

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I remember the great announcement that was Coinbase IPO
guess what happened next

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we will see minute fractals soon

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welcome to the NEET life brother

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Great edits

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