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I never bought any coin (or stock for that matter), and I've been coming here since around 2018.

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Interest holders (bondies)

kek bondies

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kek bondies

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kek bondies

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Debtors are in productive negotiations with 6th street and have a path forward to exiting chapter 11.

kek bondies

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kek bondies

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kek bondies

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kek holiday weekend bondies

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kek holiday weekend bondies

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kek bondies

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Kek bondies.

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Kek bondies.

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Almost never. I'm a SWE, and even computer peripherals I just request from my work or get scraps from relatives. I take old smartphones and clothes from my brothers, I live with my parents, I pirate and seed everything from books to films, videogames I only do F2P and make sure to never buy skins.
I rarely use my credit card that I don't remember my password for it and I just save it on my phone. I cba to upgrade the card to the chip reader thing where you don't need a password because why bother when I don't buy anything?
Call me what you want, but I am proud to say I will never pay mortgage or rent since I own a house (under construction, zero loans/debt).

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just stopping by this thread to kek at you baggies

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Ah ha ha ha ha

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Sometimes I have dreams that Im not an american and a europoor and I legit wake up in a cold sweat. God Bless America.

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>adds 500,000 jobs
Oh brother

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Incidentally I've heard you can break the tindr algorithm by merely rejecting fat sluts. Thinking of making a fake profile and seeing how far I can get by tweaking the values (age, income, height, face, abs).

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my parents paid my loan and gave me $100k for a down payment get fucked poorfags

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I'm a CEO in the bay area and would never hire some loser that got axed in a layoff. Your linkedin buddies just say that to make you feel better.

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This "board" lies about everything. First they hype up a date or event. Then when nothing happens, they gaslight people into saying that they never hyped up those dates. They've been doing this shit since March 2021.
Remember the DTCC rule changes that was supposed to trigger the squeeze? Or the Q2 Vote? Or the 741 split? Or the Repos? Or Crypto crashing in June 2021? Or Crypto crashing November 2021? Or the Wu Tang Clan? Or DRSing being the cataylst? Or the Q1 shareholder's meeting of 2021? Or the NFT marketplace? Or the stock split? Or the hedges being unable to let GME hit 350/300/250/200/150 or there'd be a margin call?
Even the more subjective shit is always wrong. There were morons in these threads who seriously thought that we had a 1/4 or even 1/2 of the supply DRS'ed despite their being no momentum to support that claim mathematically.
If you haven't realized it yet, everyone in these threads is a fucking moron.

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