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When will Ethereum die?
Fucking useless
Even random shitcoins are cheaper and better

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What's coming, anon? I am scared

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>activities start when Americans wake up
Literal Indian scammers looking for burgers to hunt

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Because ETH is a piece of unworkable shit that finally has competition from american and chinese banker cunts.

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One of the devs was previously here giving an airdrop so you can check more info Theresa (https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/29416636/hidecz-a-noncustodial-decentralized-privacy)) so he's a based bizbro who wanted to bless us, been chatting with some people involved in the project and looks big and finally something not related with food or shit like that, this is real business and not a fucking meme, Telegram is blowing, medium is blowing too and a lot of people wants to participate in the incoming presale, also an airdrop is available in case you qualify, this looks like something really important and basiclly part of the BSC Revolution.

Dont miss out, you have this in front of your fucking eyes.

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Serious question: does anyone actually give a shit about decentralization? Normies, corporations and governments don't and they're like 95% of the economy.

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Here's your ETH killer bro

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ETH is gonna get flipped. Money skelly hasn't gotten sharting or ETH 2.0 running and now he's gotta deal with CCP and US banker gangs. Pretty obvious how it's gonna turn out imo.

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The ETH salt is delicious

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This honestly shows the shortcomings of decentralization. No plans, no coordination, no hierarchy against the will of the CCP and we're watching the results play out in the market.

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why are they like this?

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