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also coconut oil

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Of course, anon, I agree. That's when points 4 and 5 would kick in.
>Sometimes it is difficult, sometimes the person is toxic. Then the trick is to find a balance, help them as much as you can while still being healthy, taking care of yourself.
>The exception would be if the person is SO toxic that you absolutely cannot help them without them dragging you down into negativity. In that extreme case, you might have to cut ties. Regrettable.
I stand by my point, teach by example. In this case, you'd be teaching your kids how to deal with an abusive/neglectful mother (or anyone, really).
Model compassionate behavior balanced with healthy boundaries. Be as good and kind to her as you are able while still taking care of yourself, I.E. not being spineless or an enabler. It's tricky, but it can usually be done. In those cases where it can't then model healthy boundary behavior and cut ties.

>That's your Mom, she changed your diapers. Take care of her if you can.
>Unless she's just too toxic. If so, do what you can for her, then cut ties and be healthy.

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>What is the max amount you can sell while keeping it at 0%?
As I understand it, it depends on several things. Specifically what your other income is, what you paid, amount profited, other deductions etc.
Basically if it bumps you up into the next income bracket or not.
>Then you just have to say you initially purchased your silver for 100 bux/oz on craiglist, so you don't get taxed, right?
Exactly, because then you would be selling at a loss, AND then you could count that against any other capital gains. Wink wink. In minecraft.

***I am as far from an expert as can be***
***Not providing legal advice***
***As recently as yesterday I believed the rate was a flat 28%***
***DYOR as always***

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