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Anyone who isn't a trillionaire should unitonicaly kill themselves in minecraft. Fucking poorfags.

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Tested and confirmed 172 iq anon here. I don't day trade because I don't do taxes are, but I'm very long on my selections. The markets can only go in one direction, save for total shitshows like holo or ripple. I will be shocked if I'm sitting on anything less than a 50x when I retire in 6 years. My models are complicated so I used a simplified version that puts me at today's equivalent of 7.5 million after taxes. 10% will be rebalanced in boomer rocks, 10% bond etfs, 30% dividend stocks, and 60% in crypto, divided evenly into the God protocol. This conversion will take place from staking/node operations/fuckever you want to call it. Basically risk free money using this strategy. Not sure if we'll still be running the world on USD at this point or not but that's why we buy assets. Yuan, wong, yen, dong, ping-pong, peso, or rupee, I'm covered whichever way it goes. TA works, you just haven't zoomed out enough.

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This crash is manufactured, like all the previous ones.
Keep calm and buy more If you can.

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It's not a currency, more of an infrastructure. Imagine seeing this idea of shipping products so you think it's a good idea but don't know how to get thing from A to B. Lots of people talking about how great it would be if we could move products 50 miles away to a place where demand is higher or more profit could be made. Then imagine you learn about trucks and boats and jets, which carry those things. Now you are really excited about the concept.
Sounds cool right?
It's even better. Chainlink is this idea of data, which is kind of a big deal these days. As groundbreaking as it would be you're not buying the data equivalent of a cardboard box. Nor shipping crate, pallet, van, truck, jet, or boat. You're buying the fucking road, sky, and sea, only they come with their own trucks, jets, and ships built in to the point no other thing is useful for moving said product. All that's left is the smart contracts which are the packages. Little presents for me and you. A joy, a kiss, a warm summer sun and a falling autumn leaf and a winters first frosty or a springs first bud. A snuggle by the fire and a splash in the beach. It's the smile on the face of the heart we hold. A lick of candy. We are gonna be so fucking rich, and not just that, we will finally be able to make a considerable impact on our environment. Busts, statues, and buildings named after us. Books written about us. Our job will be 'socialite', if we choose that noble path. This is beyond making it, we will be influencers.

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I visit biz for the keks. Not that I take any financial advice from the morons here.

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Nisam stinker, samo se rugam snjima

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>lack of prejudice

aka You have to like jews

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ResDEX is built from the ground up with its own blockchain as opposed to NEP-5 garbage, so I imagine they'll grow a lot faster than Switcheo did.

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Can't wait for the flash crash tommorow to 2600 on SP500, going to be a blast.

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Trade momentum.

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Convince me that the US economy is about to collapse, because as far as I can tell it's in pretty good shape.

>biggest economy in the world
>USD is the world reserve currency
>largest gold reserves
>net crude oil exporter
>zero chance of invasion
>overvalued tech stocks but we're literally talking google, facebook, apple here, they have high actual long-term value in any case
>good employment numbers
>positive savings rate
>property market already crashed, appears mostly healthy now
>high government debt sure, but only slightly more as a % of gdp than the eu zone, and half that of japan and china

Because I see you all buying crypto and precious metals convinced that the US economy and the USD is about to collapse and wipe out all your wealth and I don't see it. A downturn isn't the same thing as a collapse and just a natural part of the business cycle.

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>just be yourself

>follow your dreams

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