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I love Chainlink. All the drama, the memes, the community surrounding it, it's really something. But what I love most about it is knowing that in couple years I will be a billionaire. It's not even a 99% chance, it is quite literally guaranteed. As a result of that knowledge, I stopped showering and brushing my teeth over a year ago. There is simply no reason for me to do it when I know I'll be rich. I will be fucking whores every night and laughing as they're throwing up from my disgusting, stinky body and mouth. As they kiss me on my rotten teeth, or suck my dirty, 2 year unwashed hog. It will be quite something. In fact I am already seeing effects of my stinky adventure. Yesterday I went to a shop to buy some cheese and make a stop at McD's for a big mac and the cashier at the store was visibly gagging at the smell of me and trying to hide it. Other customers were standing like 10 feet behind me. It was truly hilarious. And none of them have any idea of my guaranteed, future riches. They must already be so jealous of me. The stinkiest billionaire ever.

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Sergey on stage: fundamentally fundamentalist fundamentals and decentralised fundamentals.

Alex on stage: essentially the essentials ahbshit how do i use IE. Anyway big news I save lots of gas if we apply the big Mac sauce to the mc chicken thank you.

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Get me a job I speak japanese too and I bought LINK!

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Shitcoins free the wageslave.

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Yes baby girl go head

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