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Never forget

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>anons like these shall inherent the world and be our new ruling class
I'm pretty excited desu senpai

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Ladies, this is true. We just want your love.
I'll take the woman over the $5,000,000.00.

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Lied my way into a 70k year job by telling them I had experience in ABB symphony technology (automation program)

>Be me, 21 year old son of a Mexican immigrant
>Legitimately taking your jobs
>Recently was laid off from previous employer because "Muh god told me to move our company to Idaho"
>Oldfag didn't like paying California workman's comp insurance.
>Been unemployed for 1 month, eating totinos and playing vidya
>See ad for a processing plant in my area on caljobs website
>Ad says looking for someone experienced in ABB symphony technology and proficient with computers
>I'm really good with cpus
>Google ABB symphony, read pdf for 1 hour.
>e-mail resume and lie about knowing the ABB program.
>Hiring Manager buys it, asks me to come in for an interview.
>I'm attractive and charming.
>Go into interview with level 99 Narcissistic personality disorder flaring.
>Two grown geriatric men are questioning me about what I know.
>Immediately can tell they don't know what ABB is they are just managers who like to play golf too much and talk about their favorite flavor of whiskey.
>Lie out of my teeth about my experience w/automation and my non-existent college degree in comp sci.
>Hired immediately, 70k/year Salary, Gas card, 401k 10% Salary Contribution match immediately, quarterly bonus's equal 3% of your income.
>Learn everything I needed to know in 3 weeks, still work there today.
>Always contributed the max, 3-5% raise every year depending on production.
>Own 5 bedroom house, rent all 4 rooms out except one I live in
>Positive cash flow, friends ask me how I did it
>I lied, I fucking lied I tell them.
>Comfy as fuck, gonna retire at 40 cause I can.
>Trade crypto for fun, no big account, just 2btc
>Fianceis a 10/10 blonde bombshell.
Life is good good guys
>College is a meme. Have fun with all that debt and lack of charm and wit.

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>tfw bought the massive dip

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Nostox on suicide watch!!!!

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Its only a matter of time before all other altcoins die and btc, dgb and ltc take over.

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Well how about that
>tfw your grandma could've called you a faggot online without knowing it was you

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