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I love this man.

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If you think about it, Sergey probably can never actually eat McDonalds ever again. Imagine you’re him, and hanging out with some old girlfriend from college or something and she’s like

>Sergey, I’m really hungry, can we just stop into McDonald’s real quick so I can get some fries
>uh n-no it’s probably fundamentally better if we don’t
>h-h-how about c-chipotle instead?
>I want fries, why do you care?
>I can’t be uh seen at uh McDonald’s
>What? Why?
> Uh Bigmacs... 4chan. It could really hurt my company
>Oh yeah, that internet money you made... Chain something? How’s that working out?
>Uh... pretty good. There’s a guy from Brazil that just did a whole presentation on us that works for Oracle I think.
>oh, ok, awesome. Hey you know what? I just remembered I need to go help my roommate with something. Hope things keep going uh so well, Sergey. Take care of yourself...

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Checked mate, remember to accumulate lads, we won't be able to stale it much longer

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Wallets 12-17 have all been created within 11 days. These wallets all contain 3-4 million link. What you guys thinking, node operators? The uniformity of 3-4 million makes me think that its not just like hedge funds.

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resist the psy ops marines

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