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Has anybody had any success using triangular arbitrage on Kucoin or goyim Binance (US version)? Specifically between a stablecoin, any crypto, and /eth or /btc pair? TA is a scam especially in crypto because of scam wicks.

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thats cause it IS nothing waggie
my crypto poortfolio alone is more than that
>$50k BTC
>$50k ETH
>$40k XMR
>$30k BIT

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Buying BYND calls. They are the future.

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Wait, you haven't OP?

What's wrong with you?

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Considering joining The War Room but that shit's expensive and I'm a wagie.

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why are there so many socialists here?

national socialists are manchildren religious cultists

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I cannot sleep bros

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I have 275 oz of silver and 1 oz of gold but way more crypto

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The government is stalking me due to the fact that I refuse to use banks and that I exclusively use physical cash and/or goods for transactions

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>enjoy the gas fees
you know, L2s are a thing… right?

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>no BitDAO
unironically NGTMI

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they already launched it you dumb fuck
it already gained the attention of Polygon too

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i got a haircut today and as i was sitting there staring at myself in the mirror i realized that i can't pass my own physiognomy check

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is 0.078BTC enough to make it?

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there are literal universities like Oxford, MIT, and Harvard working with PoS based organizations like BitDAO.
Tell me anything similar happening to PoW chains

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I told my friend about Ethereum. I’m I in trouble for promoting a security?

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I hate going to work

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i don't leave the house without my parents

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Or you can lend me your keys and i will do it for you .

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Dubs to trips. What a thread

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In Europe. Let me hear your takes frens

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Mainstream media is bearish as fuck right now holy shit
They've been full on bearish since June
They keep saying everyone is bullish, but normal sane person is optimistic about the economy over the next year or so
Nobody thinks stocks will go up this year
Everyone expects a recession 2023
Nobody thinks about the innovation (AI, robotics, blockchain) that is about to take-off, and increase human productivity, which will ultimately pull us out of any upcoming recessions
People are so short-sighted and pessimistic..

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>zero utility
>zero backing whatsoever
>12th in market cap

>tons of utility (and still growing with the Mantle L2
>backed by the largest treasury in the market
>60th in mcap

This market is doomed

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