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Can anyone else log in to their TD account and/or thinkorswim application? I was going to screencap my losses but I can't log in.

$45k account now down to $8k. I want to end it.

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How the fuck do I make money in the first world? My salary is about 2500 dollars per month

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will you join the /biz new years party?
alone infront of a screen with your frens

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still waiting to be rich again

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Tell me biz, how big will 2.0 and staking actually be? If you don’t believe in eth then BTFO my bread. In b4
>muh eth killer
>eth is a mess
>eth will never scale

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I’m so tired of arguing with people half my age while waiting for 2017 to happen again

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Don't let her make small talk. That cuts into your time slot - just grab her and start fucking her the moment she enters. I've had a bitch waste 25 mins of the appointment time because she got into a debate with me about the morality of abortion.

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ETH bagholder COPE. shelly launching next month on incentivized phase 3 testnet to be rolled into live in Q1. for the low IQ ETH bagholding redditlets - get fukt

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The NEET life is destroying my health fellas. What does one do when they have no financial issues? I just drink all day and exercise here and there. What do you guys plan on doing when you make it?

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there won't be an alt season anymore

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Wow. The price is still dropping.

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>tfw not even in the comfortable wagie tier

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i got rekt so often in the last weeks, im emotional numb

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To many disappointments both in crypto and in real life. I still made good money fom simply taking profits now and then in other holds i have. But man i wish i could be enthusiastic for this space for once. Just another death shitcoin people spend 2 years shitposting about. Oh well enjoy your hookers and coke whoevers pnd'ing this and make suckers like me believe there actually was more to this. Stoplossing at 70 cents, but really none of these breadcrumbs are enough, i hate my job, i'm offing myself this year i think. Sorry just ranting

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Guys I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this concept. I locked my btc in at $11.8k (yes I know, should have locked in at $17k but waited and thought it would go up) I’m not too upset since I’m more than 2x up from the current market. And it’s the fact that it’s on the ledger is even a better feeling after what happened to binance.

My question is, if they really roll back the chain to where ever, how does this effect my locked in ledger price? Having difficulties trying to think about what I should do. Do I unlock and cash out into tether or do I keep it there and let all the shit happen and hope they don’t roll it back further than I think they will?

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I feel numb

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It's all so tiresome... When will alts moon? My whole portfolio is getting JUST'd

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How you holding up /biz/?

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