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You stole my pepe you fucker.

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Silver time

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Without synthetic longs the float is actually only 52% right now.
But regardless the short squeeze can still exist, I am not denying that, it is a matter of time frame.
The interest on loans and long drawn out process of real backend settlement on these jew run options will take months, especially with attention from the treasury to prevent market instability.
So basically if you are buying this shit right now or holding through the storm to come you expect all these other fair weather first time investors to do the same.
My bet is these poor ass fucks times a million with 800 bucks in the game will sell at a loss in panic mode when they realize this is not an overnight rags to riches story.
Then compound that your diamond hands crew is basically out of equity and you have a situation where in like 35-60 days the shares are bought in structured blocks when the hype dies down well under 50 bucks.
You get your squeeze, but not the moon mission you expected. Hedge funds lose and if you were not super early on all this shit you lose too.

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Every Link I sell now will be worth much more.
It is like paying them $30,000 in future dollars just to crash in a basement.

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I made a series of swaps before this has bullshit and called cancels in metamask.
How long until all these 150 gwei transactions fail out?

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It is 6000 in raw, the decimal is not real. The units are converted with bignumber.
Fuck bros I don't have 6000 Link I am never gonna make it. This shit is not fair.

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Only pain

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>tfw 25 years old
>happily married
>four kids
>five mansions
>one hundred and thirty-five apartments
>three tonnes of gold stored in a vault in Europe
>eighty thousand bitcoin
>six private jets
>three private archipelagos
>twenty-five thousand acres of land
>one hundred maids and butlers

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How do I profit from being:

Anxious and depressed, a shut in, multiple invisible health issues, caffeine addict, circumcised, friendless, neurotic, impaired processing ability, vaccinated, asperger's, disappointment, university dropout, socially retarded, living with mother, zero motivation, 26 year old?

Is it possible to profit from this?

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the fed will save the market
Trust in the plan bros

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