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>It's a eye sore to try and sprt through all of it
yeah I get what you're saying, it will be more concise later

the accelerated state of the world and how fast things get memory-holed, it sort of requires this kind of pace to keep up and keep records

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>This really set you off now that you've been exposed.
>You must be a blast at parties, which is why you’re always invited to them.
>You are a weak minded little girl. Fuck.

>This really set you off
>take comfort in the fact that you will live alone as a hermit until your mental illness causes you to see a kaleidoscope in the barrel of a gun and pull the trigger.

you've given me enough text that I can now just argue with you by greentexting your previous posts

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lol they're helpess man, they're driven to a panicked emotional state of mind so that they sell at a loss while the real money makers scoop up these tokens at a discount

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>sub iq people/neets with a mental disorder will read it as a fact.
fucking normies man
stop worrying about their soft brains
they shouldn't be wandering into our threads if they're not ready
no one is forcing anybody to read this

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lol that pasta is stale too
so many genuine replies
such a shame lol

on a side note, Pompliano mentioned /ourguy/ Yuri yesterday

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10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

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I don’t know but we follow each other on twitter and she likes and retweets my posts
Sometimes junko posts like a bot though so I’m not sure.

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Not to worry. The deluded haters will call it a coincidence for the Nth time.

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Don’t forget I also said homosexuals as well

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>all of this is just a system. these are high functioning NPCs that act as the mouthpiece for the system. but the system is broken. the machine isn't functioning properly

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