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This thread is maximum comfy, almost no niggers or kikes shitting it up.


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Checked. With the developments TR has been undertaking, ATH by next bullrun is not unfeasible. Definitely keep a milly around just in case, and the rest you can cash out at or around a dollar

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>why aren't you homeless?
Because I'm not a junkie piece of shit

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watching this bear market drama is pretty comfy desu

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simple 'as

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no i just bought 100 quids worth so it's over the top is in. enjoy the impending crash

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wtf real life pepe??

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>imagine spending your only life obsessing about minute-by-minute fluctuations of btc
is comfy

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No chance.
1. Mortgage forbearance will be perma extended. Biden already kicked it from March 31 to June. Student loans are already $0 owed until September. Why not keep kicking it until after midterm elections next year?
2. Huge pool of private equity money looking to buy to rent
3. Lower rates and higher inflation expectations are bullish for real assets in nominal terms.
You have too much of a deflationary mindset and are fighting the last war ('08). We are transitioning to structurally higher inflation.

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Bought only ETH Alts in January 2021 - 50K USD ( all in on mid, low, and nano caps )
Selling in December 2021 (any gains) or if I have millions in any month
I lose it all or I make millions

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>tfw getting divies on my stack from this price action while we're in the purgatory waiting for news

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Republicans already rejected it and they're passing through reconciliation
Keep up

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Anyone else find crashes peak /comfy/? Either you make bank on the recovery, or the world burns. Comfy comfy

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Genuinely comfy, snug as a bug in a rug.
I make money. How about you?

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Bought an ASKO bag at sub 4c yesterday. Comfy seeing it consolidate at around 4.2c

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>it's a degen loses everything to MMs episode
sitting comfy on my BNKU

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Quite comfy with my 33k stack

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This was an inevitable consequence of tying an entire country's retirement scheme to the health of the stock market.

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This is now on unironically a 40K waiting thread good afternoon anons

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You will never go outside again, and you will like it.

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I just cashed out 2 eth to pay for my ps5 and some food in case shit goes south for a while. Other than this I have 1000 usd. 1 btc, 56 eth and some shitcoins. Am I retarded?

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Don't worry kike, I have XRP

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