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>literal quadrillions of "dollars" of synthetic assets will be created and traded using bao
>early bao adopters will be like arab princes owning all the oil beneath arabia
>holding just 1 eth will be considered generational wealth
>having 1 full btc will be so rare, its holders basically New Rothschilds
>having 1 ltc will be like owning a nice home with a backyard (based and boomer pilled)
>an unknown amount of monero will be like a Swiss bank account or an offshore trust in the Caribbean
>a ton of other projects in the top 300 and beyond will be Apple and Google tier
>people who bought and held the right alts through the 2010s, early 2020s will be a completely new class of wealthy tech investors
>the whole world economy will be de facto ruled by benevolent blockchain oligarchs like Vitalik and Sergey (...)
>blockchain really is the new internet 3.0
>you made it because you have been part of a secret, global, anonymous, multiracial society of racist frog posters and anime lovers for all of your youth

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As a poor with a couple grand, is it still worth continuing to accumulate this? What about vs some of the mooning shitcoins rn? im fomoing even though i hold some GRT

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My heater broke the other day. I have been informed it is too old for repair parts so I need to cough up 6k for a brand new one. I have about 50k USD in LINK, which is most of my wealth. I have about $3k in my checkings account. Should I sleep in the cold for a couple weeks to get more paychecks and then fix the heater or should I cough up some linkies? When do you think this alt season will really pump? It's already at basically all-time-highs so if I sell it may drop to like $18 and then I could buy again lower and possibly make money and not live in the cold. Any help appreciated.

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fuck i am tired.. i am retyping sentences I am rethinking in my head.. time for bed... probably shouldve made dinner too.. sooo it begins..

ill probably repost this thread and what I've learned tomorrow as I continue doing my own research

goodnight everyone and thank you for the many replies and good information, tips and pointers. I really appreciate it!

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I got 3300 xrp. Am I gonna make it?

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Feels good man. Holding till 500$.

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Set your alarm clock for 6 am and then get up all groggy
But then be like "Wait a minute, I don't have to work!"
And then slip back into bed all comfy, and remember that because you have made it you will never have to get up and go to work half asleep

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started feeling really /comfy/ all of a sudden
anyone else feel it too?

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>the devs literally gave the weak handed a rope to hang themselves with and called it STAC
I'm even more bullish on STA now.

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309 ESH, bought in at $1.82.
Let's see what happens. I predict we'll be in the $8 neighborhood by the 24th.

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nothing changed for me

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I've got enough for 800 at current price. Hoping it drops a bit so I can get 1k.

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We're all gonna make it brah.

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Good that you're asking, friend. All instructions are here: https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeBitcoiners/comments/7auly8/recommended_getting_free_bitcoins_every_hour_with/

Happy earnings :)

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Lookin' good.

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Trump minutes away from endorsing Trump Coin


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Well you can start trading cryptocurrencies man, its no meme if you research it well and get in, get out at the right moments.

You could join a discord chat group dedicated to trading/investing in crypto currencies at https://discord.gg/KK63cHF

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I'm like you I've fallen for so many memes, best of luck with TGD. I'm in it too at .546. It's definitely going places. Still waiting for you to fuck my mother.

I now keep over half my port in very solid stocks and VOO (soon adding BRK.B, totally outperformed the market today.) I think everyone should do this, or you will eventually trade with emotion and fuck yourself over. I'm still positive, but I could be up 40% instead of 10% if I had just been a little more rational.

Besides inverse ETF's, do you see any opportunities for a Hillary presidency? I know if Trump wins it's steel/gold. I'm not sure what Hillary would bring to the market. I imagine she'll subsidize clean energy, so maybe biofuels? And gun stocks obviously. My mind is a blank right now.


CERU my nigga

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>tfw my uni gives me a full MATLAB license valid for my entire uni enrolment (usually priced at $2000+) complete free of charge

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who /fired/ here?

share your stories

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$10k - $15k a month by owning several parking lots downtown, takes me about 1 hour a week to manage, come at me

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