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It pisses me off when legit coins like btc and eth dump meanwhile trash coins like chainlink pump, wtf.

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>entire market crashes
>the most worthless scamcoin pumps
This market is retarded/

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Austrian economists have been predicting >muh inflation to come every single year since the 2008 crisis. Every single one. Instead there were 12 years of next to no inflation and close to deflation at times. It took the combination of a fucking worldwide pandemic plus WW2 levels of fiscal spending plus a fucking war in Europe to finally get some serious inflation up in this bitch. Even run of the mill normie economists like Larry Summers, Oliver Blanchard or Martin Wolf were warning that this is a possible outcome, there's nothing much special here. If Australofaggots want to take some credit, they first need to explain why exactly they've been dead wrong for the entirety of the last fucking decade.

By the way, I get to shit on you guys because I myself fell for this nonsense after listening to tards like Peter Schiff after the '08 crisis, before slowly realizing that Austrian economics is basically babby's first foray into economics ant that the world is actually more complicated than that.

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If gas hits $7 it's unironically over. People wont be able to afford food, there would be a category 10 chimpout. I know /biz/ voted for biden, this is gonna be on your hands retards

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>I work at ice cream factory

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>15 link threads
>all fud

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>15 or so link threads
>all of them are fud

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>99% of bitcoin related posts on /biz/ are filled with a sense of urgency and fear to try and get you to sell your bitcoin

Remember - do the exact opposite of what /biz/ says.

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Hello Chinks, your Pajeet marking team fucking sucks.

You're also fucking Niggers.

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