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Binance/Kraken already has it I don't know why you guys are making it so big deal

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$30k net worth, only 29. You were saying?

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>Want to stake my OCEAN
>30$ gas fee
>Can only pay the gas fee with ETH
>Don't have ETH in my wallet
>Costs me 30$ to buy ETH to cover 30$ gas fee
>Risk my transaction not going through so I have to pay another 60$
>Literally have to pay quadruple the fee just to stake my fucking coin

Holy fuck how is this piece of shit taken seriously by anyone?

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Why is COTI .26 usdt on kucoin and .29 on binance?

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Dude I'm literally gonna sleep rn. You guys are fucking delusional

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I've made zero dollars.

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Anon.... we will be the old people y'know

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You are buying ASRT before it starts mooning right anon?

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well first off coinlist is an absolutely garbage scam of a site, is the ICO available anywhere else?

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Warning. I've been using TD Ameritrade and decided to open a second brokerage with Fidelity because they don't charge any OTC / Pennystock fees. However, if you use Fidelity to trade anything outside the United States they do charge a $50 fee. Ameritrade doesn't, but they do charge a $7 fee for OTC.

tldr; Don't get burned by your brokerage. You've been warned.

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Fucking niggers, you are both correct. For fucks sake m2 money supply creates inflation = commercial banks lending

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If I had to choose my #1 pick from my portfolio, it would be XTZ...and its not even really that close

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Will a second degree help me earn more? I have a J.D., I want a STEM degree, maybe engineering or physics.

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yeah, i'm also 28 & my sister is almost at C suite in the corporate world while i'm grinding for 44k/year. kinda sucks, but i've been working on myself for the past few years and I think it's starting to pay off. I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in a long time.

I was a serious fuck up too anon, spent all my money on partying & getting fucked up instead of anything constructive for far too long, dropped out of school twice...Just a real fucking loser. I feel like getting out of that hole is the hardest part.

WAGMI though

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I am now dumber for having read this thread

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Stop forcing it, the more you force the get the less it means. Post like normal you fucking idiots.

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You retards realize all you have to do is hold right? All you have to do is nothing
>I bought at the top
>fuck this shitcoin it's crashing
>fuck now its mooning
>fuck I bought in at the top again
I think some of you just like losing money

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is this a new FUD technique? The overshill?

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How was the Middle East

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I got into crypto in December and made $1000 since then off GRT, am I gonna make it?

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I know you guys love the comfyness.
But you do realize that the only way this place can stay comfy forever is for silver to never break out?
You will take flak if you are over the target.
The only way to avoid it is to stay away from any critical targets.

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Your hornworm is dying from all those wasp eggs. You should pull them off.

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Advertisers need to buy a certain amount of BAT in order to advertise on Brave.
There will always be BAT sellers. There will always be someone who wants to sell some bat. Also, given that there will eventually be a DEX which will likely reward liquidity providers, yeah no, there will always be an exchange of BAT to be done.
Hm, isn't this argument really stupid? i.e.:
>ETH needs to have widespread use
>Holding ETH would be bad because it needs to be used for stuff and people need to use ETH to pay for gas
>ETH will definitely go down because of this
What is this logic? And why does this argument keep coming up? It genuinely makes no sense and I literally tear it down every thread. Every thread.
Allow me to explain it for the 4th time this week:
>Advertisers need a certain amount of BAT to advertise on Brave
>Advertisers pay for the exchange rate of some set amount of BAT per # of advertisements run, per se
>Advertisers WANT to come to Brave because current ad industry does not work for either publishers nor advertisers due to ad-blockers
>More advertisers on Brave means more demand for BAT
>More demand for BAT means the price goes up
>Supporters of the ecosystem benefit from the rise in price
>Other companies notice BAT going up, or see it on social media, research it, decide to use it for an ad campaign
>Those companies pay in BAT
>BAT price continues to rise
Why does this model work? WELL thank you for asking again:
>Advertisers are getting their ads blocked. Current ad system is fucked for them.
>Users hate seeing ads in-page + They get no reparations for their info being sold to hackers. Fucked for them.
>Publishers are caught in the middle, and also have to collect personal data of users to sell to sketchy 3rd parties in order to keep afloat because nobody is actually clicking on the now blocked ads. Publishers are fucked. Think Facebook lawsuit.
>Creators cannot run ads because they will be blocked. Creators are fucked.
BAT solves this.

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