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I was in love, once. Planning to get married and everything - she left me the same day I had to put my cat down when she got hit by a car. Childhood cat dies in freak accident and then gf of a 3 years leaves for whatever dumb reason.

And you know what? Love makes you do stupid things. I am so glad that she broke up with me because I'm unsure if I ever would have. But having left her I cannot even imagine how terrible an entire life with her would have been.

This is a message from spirit. Either leave now when this red flag is so obvious or suffer the consequences down the line. Your heart will heal, life will get better, and you'll be glad this whole situation ended the way it did.

gl OP

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Anyone knowledgeable enough to shine the light on the current situation of Sri Lanka ?
(From a macro point of view)
Extensive reading material would be greatly appreciated.

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fuck jannies for not letting me reply to my own thread

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I'm a time traveller but i've come from the past, so probably you know more than me, don't ask me anything.

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I'm going to inherit a house soon. What's the most financially intelligent thing to do in this situation?

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Im the smartest person around my job, family and friends but lack the ability to convince and speak about matters that I have a fair understanding about because all I do is stay inside and read for 5 hours straight per day.

Anyways how do I profit from this?

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I don't get it either anon. I just went on my honeymoon and including travel and airbnb we spent $1100. We were under budget too. Zoomers just fucking get the most expenisve things because convenience is better than saving money

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It baffles me there are people still holding this
the second the fork vote passed all hope for this coin was lost.

Its amazing how retarted people can be

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>How do you turn crypto into legal funds?
Have you considered paying taxes?

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The math involved in this story suggests 300 oz per ton of ore refined. It makes absolutely no sense. The average HIGH yielding mine yields ~10 GRAMS per ton of ore refined. It's a bullshit story meant as fud. Central Banks and the mega wealthy are accumulating gold and don't want you goyim to get your grubby hands on *their* rightful metal.

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this is a nice thought, but I'd love to see how many businesses they started & either left or sold before starting their "big one". These guys were adept and extremely knowledgeable in their industry by the time they started these behemoths. Plus they had a large network to draw connections from.

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It's actually fucking happening, isn't it? Can I finally leave the wagie cage?

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You did cash out before it started going down again so you could actually take profits before buying more, right?

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At work, I yelled at my supervisor for 5 minutes after he disrespected me. After work, I sent him a wall of text, explaining the error of his ways in detail. I made it clear that his behavior was unacceptable and that if it ever happened again, I'm leaving the company. He apologized.
Did I make the right move here biz?

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It's 3am on the east coast...

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Just buy a little of everything

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I mean everyone always knew NFTs are stupid as shit, but wtf is wrong with DeFi?

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>It's not about money it's about love

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I’ve been watching what you guys have been saying for a week and every price point you guys have predicted bitcoin wont go below, it then goes below that.


What is the new predicted price it won’t go below?

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Does the competency of US presidents matter? Can the economic problems of a country be pinned on the office of POTUS?

Why is there this dogmatic view that a head of state/government can inherently control the economy? Banks and the business lobby organise and control members of Congress and their decisions which relate to the economy. Congress is captured. On what grounds do you seriously think the US is some kind of absolute monarchy where if the US president says so things happen?

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Honest question OP. How did you let it get to that point? Like when I turned 18 I was itching to get out of my parents' house and start my own life. Did you just not have any drive to do any of that?

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Binance/Kraken already has it I don't know why you guys are making it so big deal

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$30k net worth, only 29. You were saying?

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