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>Chainlink, engage bear market mode please.

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sounds like something a shazbot would say

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only reason im all in balls deep obsessed cryptoneet full time crypto right now

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>tfw after 9 months of experimenting and learning I've finally found the perfect combination of indicators for crypto daytrading

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hey op

check ur address

happy late christmas, and a happy new year :)

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>mfw comfy fiat
U werent greedy when i told u to not be right /biz/bros?

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Hi /biz/, new here. I just wanted to ask for advice on how to get into investing in cryptocurrency. Any reliable sources I could read up on, where should I start? Thanks.

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>scripts a pump bot for yobit
>It accidentally buys out all 28 BTC of dead chain espers on yobit
>Save over 100k in BTC for poor Pajeets everywhere.
The hero we need

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Yeah I already have it, just figured I would ask.
There's something magical about buying bitcoin, I don't want to get off this ride.

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>mfw when everyone is falling for literal memes
>mfw when I'm happily taking my 7% gains today after doing proper DD and investing in not garbage companies
>mfw this will happen again tomorrow

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