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I’ve been lurking biz for 6 years now. Have a 6-fig portfolio of BTC and LINK at 75/25 split.

Getting early LINK vibes from ICP but there are so few actual quality threads or breadcrumbs on here. Just a lot of fud and meme content.

What’s the deal? Is this just FOMO or should I buy a fat stack?

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what is chainlink realistically going to be used for now that ICP L0 oracles are faster, safer and cheaper? why would some one in the right mind pay more to fat SIR GAY for a inferior service?

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i'm happy for the recent success of the linkmarines but we need a serious discussion about what future lies ahead when ICP rolls out their integrated L0 oracle, wouldn't this make chainlinks technology completely obsolete? why pay for a service you can have for free? one argument would be the usage of LINK for oracle services within the ethereum network but the ICP L2 integration which will take place next year will be able to achive all the same services as LINK for a fraction of the price (~99% cheaper). I'm not a bear yelling that LINK will crash and burn, i'm just questioning if the token really is sneeded..

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How will ICPoors cope when Link is back at ATH

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It’s clear that tech always wins in the end so I don’t mind waiting. Which one is gonna win out though? Having a hard time choosing

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