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I'm all cash and it feels great.

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That is bullshit thinking that Raytheon is going to die on earnings.

If you really think that then put your money where your mouth is and load up on puts.

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Ya Brendan Eich is totally based. I had a Twitter private convo with him about Bill Gates. He says he has been black pilled since the 90's lol

He definitely knows what is going on behind the scenes With COVID-19 and ID2020 also how it all ties into Ethereum. If you know you know shit is going to go cyberpunk 2077

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The problem is a significant amount of money is not being made by those who produce and provide actual goods and services.

That is what i like so much about Ethereum. Literally anyone can create their own money just by pumping oil or growing rice.

Its a system where only those who are efficient at creating actual value have the power to direct labor and goods.

Blockchain economics will win out in the end i am 100% sure because any economy that uses it will be so much more efficient at creating actual value.

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all in on Ethereum minus 6 months of California rent ( so 5X your rent for 6 months )

No leverage I am however adding all of my paychecks as they come in.

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Gold is fiat prove me wrong

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Take it you never heard of Zcash

It will be big soon when Z addresses are spendable in Ethereum Dapps

Also taxes are next to impossible under blockchain economics. Governments will be forced to accept a pay per service model

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step 1: Come to 4Chan and see what shitcoins are spammed by shills so i know what to avoid.

Step 2: Watch for no Shill coins like Ethereum to get mass FUD and use this as a buy signal.

Step 3: Spam shill threads with truth and logic until they stop posting so that the thread falls in rank. (Shit coin shills will abandon a thread if you post actual logic showing how shit their shitcoin really is. This is to avoid letting new people see the post.)

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Please save us, Tanya.
Burn it all down for the sake of humanity.

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Yeah in Pennsylvania the unemployment office was so busy on Saturday that when you called in they told you to use the website.
>mfw the website crashed

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What puts are you buying?

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I tried to buy PTON puts. I really did. I'm sorry.

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