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Fucking hell, even 12 year old me wouldn't buy that amount of junk

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yes, it’s actually possible to institute socialism in a way that makes the rich richer AND doesn’t fuck over the middle class. makes you think, doesn’t it burgerbros?

it’s like our rich people aren’t content with just making more money. it’s like they actually hate us and want us to suffer even when it doesn’t benefit them in any way.

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Unironically did this and 10/10 recommend.

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So you traded a fairly stable investment with a high potential for growth, for a volatile investment with a lot of speculation and hopes of even greater growth (but a greater chance for a crash to zero).

And you're asking if this is gambling?
What else would you call it, "smart investing?"

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DGAZ is up 16.15

BAS is up 11.15

NOG is up 10.32

VNR is up 19.09

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>Just get ivy league education


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