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Ba-da-duh-da-dah......I'm fucking loving it! Stay poor forever retards.

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MCDC already touched .17. It was never rug pulled and the last 4 weeks have proved this coin has a hard working team and really fun tg... this easily goes back to ath and beyond

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Big announcement in 10 min on MCDC HQ tg.
That is all.

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MCDC is the most undervalued project in crypto at this moment. If you bought in and have held since launch you already know the potential but even most of you still don’t know what’s coming :) If you’re a nocoiner, swinigie or fudder you will be unequivocally BTFO. Consider this a PSA. Big Announcement tomorrow on the MCDC tg

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MCDC if you want to retire this year

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How is this back at 2.5c .. wtf it was 0.001 like 3 days ago

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Seethe faggits were not going anywhere

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Here to stay /biz/ get the fuck in here

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>it’s a rugpull!
OH NO NO NO NO 3c waiting room GET THE FUCK IN HERE!!!! MCDC moon mission has begun

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You’re right it is a fucking clownworld... wait til you see what this does

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Unironically why is this going up? Is it dead or not wtf not sure if I should buy in

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