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i think her tits are real and that thing acts as a push-up bra.

Im more worried about her forehead acne to be honest.

Also the hourglass figure has to do with the bone structure and not the fat. Usually when a girl with wide hips gets fat the hips to waist ratio is even more accentuated.

Tell me why YFI wont flip BTC.

YFI vaults are literally alien technology and financial institutions will definitely buy in when the price is x10.

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Bountiful boobies
Bounce beautifully
Making yummy milk

- a haiku

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any guesses on what the next 10x is?

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what’s the play for this week i have 4k in cash rn

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Also, what ratio PNK/XSN do you recommend I buy with the aforesaid money?

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if DFFN is gonna take till august to moon im gonna reduce my shares by 75%

what else can i pour money into for AH today

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Ok /biz/. I feel it. Cpypto is the last chance in this decade to multiply our money.

I'm a euro poorfag. I didnt have much to invest. I bought 1 Btc and 1k link 2 years ago.

I feel like there arent big gains to be made on BTC.

What would you recommend I do?

Should I convert my Btc to link? Is there a next link?

What about stakenet (XSN)? Any other project?

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Was eth memed on here prior to 2017? I know there was people who spoke about it, but was it a big meme or no?

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