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What if you just shut the fuck up.

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None of your business, you faggot.

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Yikes newfag.

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Restart your router and try again, dumb bitch.

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>What is uncertainty in a market?

Yes dude. Just have a better immune system bro. Just a bat flu bro.

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You must mean Bitcointalk.

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Okay currynigger :)

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>literally expects everyone to know every fucking 4chan abbreviation
>assumes everyone on here just visited yesterday

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OP is a glowing mother fucker data mining off the notion that marines will give away something that'll be worth 80K ten years from now.

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>a year
>cant an lurk moar

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>isnt buying the link dip

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>link is scam
Yeah, which is why LINK’s price chart looks literally nothing like the thousands of scam shitcoins whose charts this past year literally follow the king shit trend of them all, BTC.

you mad cuz you didn’t accumulate

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Are you faggots like 12? How the fuck you don't know who Dillion Harper is?

>her face looks like a pre-teen
the abosolute state of 4chan complaining about a chick looking pre-teen like a retarded faggot

Imagine the day faggots complain about girls looking to teen-like

All pornstars escort, if they ever filmed a shoot inside of a hotel room they are escorts

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ENG will be the native token used to access data sources on the de-centralized Enigma Catalyst Data Marketplace. It won't be individuals using this coin either. It will be large IT organizations. With large IT budgets...

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Buy one with your gains?

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I recommend you to buy more bitcoins. You should also lend as much money as possible to invest it too.

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>mfw cuntrun became a mod

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>you are guaranteed $1000 return in a year

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