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>The Nikkei took over 30 years to reclaim its 1990 high
>30 years from now, many of us will be in our late 50's or 60's

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>Uncle Sam folds to the Houthis

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Inceldom or child support. Such are the paths of the autist.

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Not everyone gets their happy ending. And, I suspect, none of us do.

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>Healthcare, staples, utilities green
>Tech, consumer discretionary red

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Florida is perhaps one of the least bad places on Earth right now. At least you have a rich population moving in to keep ahead of inflation.

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>Forgetting about that covid shot + booster.

Lad we are still on course for 2/3rds of the earth to die. Did you forget the 1 horseman of revelation has gone out already and we are possibly on the 3rd!

Some people…

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>He actually died

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I just sold my ICP neuron gents. It was obvious from the beginning that Dirty Dom played us like a damn fiddle and these days I buy ARKM tokens to better trace the flow of scams just like Coffeezilla and also AVAX tokens for its Sub Second Finality which enables speedy transfers from A to B.

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Anon, why aren't you with her anymore?

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You weren't a working age adult under 0b0ng0. I can tell. It was misery. Trump was a breath of fresh air that lit up the economy and job markets. We went from being told we were a nation in decline by the president to being told we are going to make America great again. We went from businesses being taxed into the ground taking it out on wagies by not giving raises/bonus/not hiring and being told were lucky to even be employed to being given raises and being fought over by companies overnight. It was like a switch was flipped. I was never a republican or cared about corporate tax rates until I lived through that. You dumb fucking zoomers need another 2008 and 0b0ng0 to learn the fucking lesson. The left only makes everything they touch worse. You need to experience pain and you will because they left is bringing it right back and it's only just beginning.

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It's gonna get worse anon, be strong
God bless you. Much love my fren

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congratz anon for making it
I fucked up pretty bad this week and now im doubting my trading abilities even though im here since 2017
pls give some advice op

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It's been nice shitposting with you lads.

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Nothing. I have like 10k spread around I'm gonna play the long game.

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>That AMZN gap from April and late July

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I said I was going to end up watching it melt into nothing? I just wasn't paying attention that I bought $1 worth out of unsettled funds and webull won't let me sell without risking losing my account.

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>be me
>be millennial
>graduate college into 2008 meltdown
>laid off career fucked
>wiped out and have to start over
>get life back together after years long hiring freezes
>coof happens
>laid off
>get another job
>go into hyperinflation and recession

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If you only knew how fucked I truly am if I didn't get /fit/, /biz/, and based.

>Parents are 60 and retired
>No savings or retirement, one is on disability
>mom doesn't qualify
>I was a former NEET
>Became a Youth Minister after getting my life together
>The coof happens
>Unable to find a job despite have two degrees
>Have to rely on crypto and sell every asset
>Start a small business and get /fit/ af
>Adjust my body to live way below my caloric needs
>Adjust my body to hold on to any gains
>Business starts taking off
>Taking care of mom and dad
>No free time for girls or fun
>Any free time is for work. physical training, and/or pooping and posting here while putting it in my (reading time)
>Literally in amazing shape, girls throw themselves at me, have respect and admiration from older mature peers and men.

Someone actually addressed me as based without a hint of irony. WAGMI frens. Sometimes the pressure is what is needed to forge a diamond.

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This year shit is going down and it will go far beyond silver, because of the bankster's inability to 'print' commodities like they print fiat or shitcoin protocols. summer 2021, the rotshchild rockefeller system is going to come crashing down...a historical once in a 600 year event type economic crash. Nobody will be spared. A global metals panic will happen except instead of toilet paper and bleach, fools with fiat are going to desperately search for gold and silver but will find nothing! By end of 2021 we will be in a global precious metal standard with the price of an ounce of silver being the reference global monetary unit for all international banking, pricing of currencies and foreign exchange! This is because the enormous need for industry to physically hoard their own stash of silver once COOMEX defaults will manifest into a global metals panic since silver is a monetary metal.

Lets say the trust funds, big banks and worst of all insurance companies lose confidence in fiat and put 5% of their valuation into silver? AXA alone putting 5% of its cash into silver could purchase all the bullion currently existing. Imagine if it was on a global scale, it would leak to all tangible assets, even wood or grains of sand at this point. It would entirely halt the production of everything and push price discovery of every commodity sky high.

This is why the system needs an exit strategy by creating a whole world of infinite fiat resources that can be created at will: the crypto-space. You can create 100 billions XRP and then tomorrow morning add 100000 billions of a new shitcoin and it wont impact the real world in the slightest. Just sponges to soak up fiat fed printed money!

Silver and gold are the canary in the coal mine because they historically have been money for the past 5000 years and have all the functions asked to be a perfect medium of exchange (fungible, divisible, portable, durable, uniform). GLOBAL METALS PANIC INCOMING!

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If you told me when I was a kid that one day I would view solving the AIDS crisis and starvation in Africa as bad, I would have assumed I was under mind control but here we are

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