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Poor me a drink, I'll watch the end of Biz with you. It's been a hell of a ride my friend.

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Well this isn't dead but it isn't alive I guess. Who knows maybe March will have good news for everyone and people might fomo into it.

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I have 1.27btc and 19.5ltc

i cant decide if i should sell the ltc for btc. im no good at math and i cant figure it out exactly but im pretty damn sure i wouldve made more gains if i just sold the ltc and held btc.

any advice? shitcoiners need not concern themselves with this thread.

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I sold all my ETH at 50 and bought pivx because I fell for the masternode meme.

I can't even post in crypto threads anymore since my cash is still tied up bagholding PIVX. I've lost thousands and watched coins I used to have go up 100x.

Can I please have some ETH since you guys fucked me so bad? I'm only asking because I see some of you faggots have like 1200 ETH or some crazy shit and I figure you might feel generous since I'll probably kill myself thanks to your shilljob.


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