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Nobody really believed that this is more than a dead cat bounce do they? Are you guys joking?

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There are 120k homes?

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>Total Unrealized Gain -$567.78 (-5.15%)

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What the fuck is Elon's endgame?

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I don't get it

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I only have 52k I'm not gonna make it.

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Ford just announced that they're delaying the new Ford Bronco. This is some bad news for CLF, but they're still in the long run when the vehicle manufacturing gets back on track.
you fellas really ought to be doing your DD. CLF is being mega-shilled, but there are some ACTUAL reasons for its success so far.

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I'm getting a bad case of PLTR fomo

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I personally feel better splitting my holdings between nexo, blockfi, celsius, and Crypto.com. It minimizes a bit of risk.

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>no gf, no wife, no kids
>renting home
>90k in crypto
>40k in bank
>incredibly shitty salary
>best I've achieved in my life was moving to Japan and finding a chill job
>keep repeating myself that I'll start looking for a girl "after I get my Jap citizenship" in 2 years

Tick tock, tick tock. The clock is getting really fucking loud

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>Started with

>What you think you'll hit
Don't want to jinx it, pass

>Making it dream
A mid sized suburban house with a garden, a small apartment downtown, some land downtown used as parking lot. I live in Japan, parking lots make sense here.

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Got into Hylioon at 35.08, kinda wish I would've bought the dip earlier. Desu, they have 1000 truck preorder already so can it really go below 35?

Am I wrong to assume that HYLN market cap of 1 billion is the total market cap of Hyliion?

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There are a huge amount of normalfags that are now bagholding 2017 ICO's AND 2020 DeFi garbage.
After this market dump they're leaving and not coming back, the level of capitulation across crypto will be unprecedented.
I sold my stack at $16 and I'll be buying back at $0.50

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>all tokens are made by slavs, pajeets or chinks with jewish moneychangers backing them
>dumbfuck /polbiz/tards surprised when third worlders steal their money and no one can do anything about it because the first worlders don't even attempt to make their own coins

Except BTC.

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>hur dur spoon feed me anon. You cant expect me to do any research for myself
Do /biz/tards really?

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>been dumping all week
>auctioned art not even commissioned, devs backed out
>devs silent
do weebtards really?

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>animals are people
you serious?

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>We don't go on reddit because of people like you
I don't go to reddit but what do you think this is. I didn't decide anything with anyone here on one accord.

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If I woke up and suddenly I realized that internet didn't exist I wouldn't know what to do

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bacon mettuce lomato

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>What does amazon have to gain from an agricultural drone company?

There's no hope for some people.

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just buy oil CFD then hold for a year bro

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what the fuck? are you retarded? go to your fucking manager and demand that that faggot take the post down, say it is an assult on your image, and that you will take legal action if it isn't. Also if they try to fire you that is an AUTOMATIC lawsuit that lawyers would be drooling over to take because it's so easily winnable. Unless there is a video of you being a retard you have the upper hand, especially since the faggot put you on blast on facebook. that shit doesn't look good to a jury in a courtroom.

tl;dr don't be such a beta and stand up for yourself, and leave your politics at home.

>t.4th year law fag

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