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wheres the guy with the Wayfair puts

show us your gains today

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Nothing is going to happen in Berlin.

It is a city build on hype with a disturbing lack of authenticity.

Come back here next month for SIBOS

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Sorry, today Berlin is nothing of a shadow of long long gone glory.

The big announcements or actual progress presented will come at SIBOS which is in a month.

This is seriously what we have been waiting for since 2017. It will happen soon.

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I have had pretty good success buying BTC with credit cards off this master list.

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>that feeling of euphoria
Can you feel it /biz/? Is it time for a dump?

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We've just returned to the stealth phase

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Unfortunately, most of the idiots on this board are too retarded to grasp what you're trying to get them to understand. This board is 60% retard, and 38% greedy shill. There's only a few that actually have IQs above double digits

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