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>dencun upgrade
>potential ETFs in May

mETH heads..... we won.

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We have arrived at the part when ETH carries the entire market.

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>Shanghai enabled withdrawals for Ethereum’s proof-of-stake validators.

>the market capitalization of Ethereum has declined 17% from $230 billion when Shanghai activated to $190 billion today, while daily transactions have dropped 14% from 1 million at activation to 860,000.

>Daily active wallet addresses on the Ethereum network also fell 19% from 438,000 to 351,000 while Ethereum’s total value locked (TVL) — a popular metric of the amount of money committed to so-called decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on a blockchain — declined 30% from $30 billion to $21 billion today.

>Ethereum-based NFTs have continued to fade in popularity. Tens of thousands of such collections now have lost 100% of their value, with a floor price of $0.

>Ethereum DEX volumes have declined 70% from $1.5 billion from Shanghai activation day to $446 million today.

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Geist Finance literally fucking died thanks to it
Good riddance though that was easily one of the shittiest lending platforms I've ever seen. Lol.

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Why do people suck vitalik's cock so hard

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I can't be the only one who still misses little ol' sammy boy screwing around with regulators, r-right?

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FAQ (how it works): https://www.csgodatabase.com/cases/
Items database: https://csgostash.com/
Unboxing tracker: https://csgocasetracker.com/

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Omega Anon...
I listened but only managed to acquire 20,000 fartshits since im a supreme poorfag
The hardest part now is when to sell and I feel like i'll fuck it up like I do all things in life..
Am I gonna make it!?!?

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so you're saying I should invest in shitcoins with horribl nomics and utility and hope normie retards pumpu my bagu
Aave is a good one tho thank
xcm does seem the best buy rn but only on uni since it's an instant guaranteed 3x if you're a weak-handed little bitch or a 10x in the year followed
kda won't have any returns until the next bullrun or if they jumpstart their ecosystem early which I highly doubt will happen in a bear market but whomst knows
fartshit has the highest potential for returns
Link is kill for another 3 years or whenever the great reset cancer is

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My money is safe with this man

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we did it, 4channel.org.

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>skeleton of the new financial system

we know that POS doesn't solve the tps or fee issue. and layer 2s are inherently insecure. how exactly will ETH become the skeleton of the new financial system

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So as an American there was an option that said "have you ever traded cryptocurrency" and I said yes but I have no fucking clue how to report this shit. So I submitted my tax info and already got my return. Where do I go from here why the fuck is this shit so confusing

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What if this whole bsc explosion and copy paste attempt by CZ was actually an inside deal made by CZ and Vitalik to reduce pressure on ETH as to give it more time to release new developments. This whole drama fabricated to promote some sort of feud between the 2 ecosystems.

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Why doesn't anyone talk about the fact that ETH has lower fees whilst handling 4x more transactions which are 20x faster than BTC?

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How? Did you buy the absolute top?

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>the year is 2022
>it costs $5000 to transfer a few coins out of your wallet

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have fun staying poor, lol

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With shard chains, validators only need to store/run data for the shard they're validating. Key to Ethereum's long term security is a strong distribution of clients. Rollups are a "layer 2" technology that exists today. They allow dapps to bundle or “roll up” transactions into a single transaction off-chain, generate a cryptographic proof and then submit it to the chain.

All in all only one thing matters:

Succinct zero-knowledge proofs can be verified within a few milliseconds, with a proof length of only a few hundred bytes even for statements about programs that are very large.

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Jfc open a dictionary sometime

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>EVER getting rid of your ETH
>getting rid of your ETH at the breakout of L2

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>Centralized Decentralized Finance
A mETHead made this image

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