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Kek, based bloodline nooticer
Too bad she's still a cunt after you checked as many boxes as you could. Women these days are fucking demons, it's truly the worst timeline.

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Say five Our Fathers and ten Hail Marys

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Since there is 5x more gold bullion than silver bullion above ground, i wont trade until the ratio become 5:1, 5 being gold of course.
And even then, i still wont trade because silver can help me to kill vampijews.

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>dirty harry had one of these bad boys
What would be the top3 /pmgbasedactors/ ?
I vote for :
- clint eastwood
- mel gibson
- pierce brosnan
100% catholic & irish origins, 100% tradition and family oriented, 100% redpilled on the kikes; 85% good movies, 0% dramaqueens and degenerate faggotry

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God this asslong larp was so fucking cringe. I hope you didn't fell for "im a red shieldu lmao i don't need to prove it because i'm so superior to you" larp, right fren?

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