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What kind of illegal side hustles the /biz/ chad does?

im working on a DW market and developing a crypto casino

what the average bizcuck does?

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1500 LINK
1300 MATIC

Enough to make it next bull?

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I'm bearish on our dollar,
what can I do that others would trade cash / food / resources for?

>growing potatoes

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Coinbase IPO coming soon
After that I believe Ripple will do IPO too
I'm going to buy the stocks when rhey come public, you should too
>big money from XRP
>more profit by investing profits from XRP to these stocks

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>tfw bought 7k in 2018, put it on a ledger and forgot about it
Thanks to the crossposter on /tv/ who reminded me with his bitcoin post but I'm still not selling kek

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$S3L is about to go parabolic, i am speaking behalf of a group of LINK whales, we are pumping the fuck of it.


>NO presale
>Low marketcap (50K)
>Silent listing
>Liquidity locked

We are going to send this $30 and we give you a chance to become as wealthy as we are. Buy a bag.


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>correction after huge poomp
im still feeling maximum comfy

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well said.

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bro that’s a fucking blessing
you are not even married I guess so you keep your stack

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Here we go

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OP knows

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Is giving away a free horror novel a good business idea? Because that's what I'm doing. Happy Halloween, here you guys go. I hope you like it.


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Black lives don't matter.

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8:30am shower and breakfast
9am-6pm: 70$/h consultancies
6pm-8pm: side project number 1 (400k to be split for 5 people)
8:30pm-10:30pm: side project number 2 (potentially 50-250k depending on buyer nationality)
10:30pm-00:30: personal side project (undisclosed, could bring a ton of profit)
00:30 try to make my wife pregnant with my dried and barely functioning balls
1:00 after unsuccessful attempt, rage open the laptop to buy more btc
sleep and repeat until multimillionaire and nope, I’m not going to pay a single taxes, sorry niggers

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three hundred shares reporting

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>Be European
>Enjoy higher quality of life

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You're a king and you're gonna make it.

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I'll entertain you as if not a larp then for a minute here fren

If not a larp; I feel incredibly sorry for you. The second your woman says your dick is small, it's over. Not because your dick is small or not, but the fact she respected you so little as to say it means she was testing the boundaries to see just how spineless you are. All women - even the best ones - do that. Saying she wants a threesome isn't as bad but is also an immediate disqualification for a long-term relationship. Women have sex drives based on emotion, not based on carnal appetites like men (men traffick boys and girls and women for sex, women do not traffick in sex and the only women, the ghislaines of the world, who do, still only do so for male consumption) so a woman with such a brazen carnal appetite is damaged in some way. You will never tie her down.

Lastly, a good, kind woman will (almost) never kill you outright. A woman's nature is to protect and nurture. A woman's nature is also to be petty, childish and vengeful when scorned. I would trust my theoretical 13 year old child with my life; I would not trust my 13 year old child with my money. Does that make sense?

All this might sound too harsh or too autistic or too incel or pol or whatever, but it's all legit advice from years of experience and it's how the real world and real women work. If as a man you can understand how real women work you'll have an amazing time with them. Act like they're the same and you'll get walked all over, shit on, and betrayed for your kindness being perceived as weakness.

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A wise man once said
Buy when there's blood in the streets

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>bought in late
>still up

thanks biz

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Absolutely based. Drain the govt as much as possible. I kept my job, but my company furloughed us once a week, allowing us to cash in the $600 a week from unemployment. My entire stimulus and all extra money has gone into silver

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I bought 10 link for the same price, maybe you're the one who sold them to me? Thank you senpai

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Ok OP, that's a really cute psyop you and you tranny friends got there but the thing you need to understand is that nobody give a a fuck about politics here, we make money, or we try to, that's it.
So maybe bring your windmill fighting prowess to /pol/tards or /his/trionics, I'm sure they will love to debate you.

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