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California is the worst place to move in, it's like living in a third world country with high taxes
Texas is the best place to buy and invest in real estate, you can check all the charts and nerd shit with Truflation but recently I read about how average real estate prices were going down in Austin, TX

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While BTC is halving, Gold is thriving
You can sit down, relax and play some Blocklords while money is being made outta thin air

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got one yesterday to replace my very expensive xbox pro controller:

feels good in the hand, the rear buttons are positioned very nicely (my elite controller had paddles that were super sensitive and made it hard to grip the controller without accidentally pressing them). Triggers ans bumpers are great, joysticks are great, the default D-pad feels good as well.

Its light, much lighter than my Xbox Elite, which can be good or bad depending on your preference (I don't mind either way)
The sticks are really decent, I'm spoiled by my Elite which let me really stiffen up my sticks, so I am a bit biased in that regard. Its too loose for my tastes, but something I can get used to. I'd prefer a stiffer joystick, or some way to tighten or loosen them up, but then we are probably getting into some serious increases in cost. A bit unfair to compare, since my elite controller was 3x more expensive, so ignoring my preference, they work great, very responsive, no drift or deadzone issues.

I do not care for the menu buttons being on the rim of the controller. I keep finding myself going to press start or select in the middle of the controller and its really awkward to press the bottom rim. Again, personal preference, so a non-issue

Ignorning my personal preferences, I give it a solid 9/10. Absolutely amazingly great price, high quality parts, great controller, only issues are really just personal preference based (and muscle memory). I'm a bit of a boring guy so I don't really care about customizing my buttons and faceplates, but it seems to be really easy to swap things out. The cover stays on really well, it has plenty of strong magnets holding it, all the parts come off fairly easy once you remove the cover plate.

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When this is all said and done I will be buying this site. Beyond the immediate range-ban of India, Israel, and all of Chicago's financial district, I will 100% be going through all of these archived threads, and collecting your information. It doesn't matter if you're using a VPN, it hosts packet info leading to your actual IP address. The VPN can be subpoenaed via posts to get a hold of said packet info. We loom closer to MOASS, and your destruction faggots.

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>poojet pattern
it's a pattern that only have shitcoin in india
seriously you retards should stay investing on bitcoin and bitcoin associated tokens like BRC20
you can't be rich without a satoshibank

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>BRC20 tokens
I got my satoshibank greener every single day that passes by
You can't make my gains glowiefag

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How the fuck is it possible for anyone to be red holding this stock? The shills love to scream this but the only way I could imagine anyone being red is if they literally only bought ath and the pumps. Did you not buy the the dips? None at $40 pre splivvy?

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two shitcoins that are going to get rugged anytime soon, i don't know why you retards don't stay in BTC and BTCFi projects

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Alright you subhuman braindead retard. When people say "flat" that don't mean a literal flat line. It has been explained countless times that the price becomes "flatter" as it moves in a shrinking channel. Just looking at the chart and it should be clear, but I can't expect your 1 rotting braincell to comprehend basic things like this

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buy right now retard, made my day, i'm close to swap all my BTC on my rango exchange

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not this time retard-kun, alts are pumping

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I hope it is a smart move where, when they win the war, we will have preferential access to their wheat production and natural resources, just as happened with the drop in gasoline prices when we invaded who knows what shitty country in the Middle East

A Ukrainian is dying right now in a trench so I can eat my peanut butter bread while I play Blocklords all day

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i sold more than my soul here

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your bag might not pump

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that's basically what we do here, grind or buy shit to short and gain a little profit to show off on biz

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you deserved it for falling for the most retarded delhi-based scamcoin

go clean the bathroom now and stop playing blocklords, wagie

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short answer, no

retards on beoble and telegram will agree that the next bullrun will be BTC after ETF liquify

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we all gambling here, bear with us

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Gold: BTC
Silver: ETH
Platinum: SOL

don't listen to shillers and disgusting rasheed trying to tell you otherwise, i cross-chain swap between those three on rango regularly

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Blocklords token is not out yet retard

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So we all know hedgies daughters (18+) are going to get railed, especially the MILFs. Any gay bros here going to volunteer and bang their (18+) sons? We need to promote a diversity, equity, and inclusion of hedgie family fucking

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How was everyone's Thanksgiving? My aunts and uncle came over today, my aunt brought my cousins and they again brutally mogged me. My cousin's husband is a banker and I tried to explain GME and short selling and how the entire global financial system is coming to a bloody end and he laughed and called me a baggie. He proceeded to pull up the chart on his phone and saw we were down 48% this year and heckled me further. Jokes on him, when I'm a billionaire and he's out of a job I'll be magnanimous because his wife is hot

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Post yfw you finally understand Flat Law was a psyop to make us think everything is going according to plan, when in reality the chart looks no different than any of the thousands of dead shitcoin charts. Those trolls on here knew that if they started pushing Flat Law it would only make us buy more when the chart did eventually fizzle out like it's doing rn. Godamn I feel like such a moron.

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Going all out on the appeals to emotion, huh? I can't say your timing is bad, but your efficacy needs some work.

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