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good luck. you can't fuck up worse than me so take it easy

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This is a bait thread, but Anarcho Communism is the most Chad political philosophy. Betas hate being on the same level as everyone else because their genes are undesirable and they can't get a mate on a level playing field, so they set up a system to coherce women into mating with them by creating wealth inequality. A self confident alpha male doesn't need to be richer than anyone else and no laws as he has no desire to harm anyone because they are content with life. Capitalism is just petty betamaleness.

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yeah that'll be 2000 for your basically free studio apartment with a shared bathroom plus 800 in utilities and a charitable 700 for the homeless minority living in the penthouse

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>taking a break from fapping, almost one month in
>have a sex dream finally but the girl in the dream can't have raw sex for some reason
>kiss her and fondle her boobs and i masturbate hovering over her
>jizz a boatload, and she eats my cum and says ok ill have raw sex now
>she puts my penis in her mouth
>i wake up

what did i mean by this

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last chance to buy was today, these retards had the past 5 days its over

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