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Doesn't need to be a scam because the house always wins.
The only not-gay ways to play games like this:
In most countries info about scratch card prizes still in the game has to be public. So you can "count cards". And IN THEORY scenarios where buying all the cards will not generate a loss do happen.

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My brother in Christ, there's a thread on /k/ where they answer military recruitment questions all the time, you can ask all your questions on there if you need to. I'll summarize the majority of answers you're gonna get if you don't want to waste your time.

Do not join the military. Seriously. Do not join. Period. It's not what you think it is. Your delusions of "patriotic duty" and "heroism" will be shattered. Ask any veteran if they would recommend you join today. In case you didn't know, veterans are the true gatekeepers of any future recruitment into the military, because they will tell you first hand what it's really about. But, if you're gonna go ahead and ignore this warning, you should ONLY join if you're gonna get a unique / rare skill or certification out of it, like a top secret clearance to help you land some type of high paying cyber security job.

But what would I know, I don't know shit about the military because I didn't join, so my opinion on it is a moot point.

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>What kind of bullshit is this chart?
Have you heard of Flat Law by any chance?

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If you could absolutely knock the fuck out any three people of your choosing, and get away with it scott-free, who would you punch?

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yes, as yesterday and the day before sirs, its locked, you posted the etherscan contract address above, i posted proof of it + the medium article where all contract addys are listed and locked, its locked via the DAOlock, so not unicrypt or other protocols like that you repetetive faggot.

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Its not your fault fren.

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>> Stakers can claim airdrops of all tokens run through our launchpads
>> Stakers receive ETH airdrops from earnings on the launchpad
this is the most bullish info on it, your general lacks behind anon.

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I switched to thinkorswim from robinhood recently. I can't, mechanically, figure out how to actually sell my options contracts. On RH there's just a stupid sell button. On TOS there's a bunch of choices under the sell menu. Will anyone help a fren out?

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Once you get a bad whiff here or there, it takes the magic out of it. You'll be doin' her doggy and come to the realization that her butthole is stained brown from years of poop too. She missed one or two hairs when shaving and it reminds you that girls get hairy too. Sometimes they miss a hair for awhile and it's pretty long, and you'll realize.

Oh, and don't forget when you're in the right lighting and you go in for a kiss only to see the peach fuzz on her lip and chin. Was it always there? Is it just the lighting? Maybe it's getting longer.. oh fuck what do I say about that, in a way that won't upset her?

>Fuck, is that the third time in a row now that she skipped putting on makeup and just put her unwashed hair back into a ponytail? I mean, she still looks good, but what gives? She could be a 10/10 bomb if she took the time to dress up for me like she used to.

>boob sweat. uh oh

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Another cool implementation could be to pin a daily/weekly/monthly trend banner at the top or to the left side navbar area. That is, if you could parse all strings efficiently enough. I imagine any iterative process would become very inefficient after awhile unless capped. That is, created a dictionary that holds strings for the first "x" pages. Every time a new thread is created, run a script that iterates through the existing dictionary, if there's a match, add to the count, else, pop the oldest term(s) off so that there is always a max dictionary size of "y" terms. Of course, you'd need to use some natural language processing, to create some filters that drop prepositions, articles, adjectives, etc that aren't trend worthy, and only store nouns. Maybe that's too ambitious for such an app.. I'm used to doing all this with python, which is a breeze.

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>For you to shit, someone has to shove the shit into their own asshole

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Just buy BTC through Shakepay app, it's what I do. Easy to do, very fast, no fees. They are regulated and trustworthy. Clear winner.

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