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defenders of capitalism are almost as stupid as the defenders of communism
or are you too stupid to see how all the bullshit you see today like feminism and other movements concerned with "equality" all exist to feed the needs of our current capitalist system which requires that people be homogenized units.

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>Selling PLTR ever

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I just select a random one every time

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500k is peanuts, the fact that they are still making money despite their shitty and hilarious business model is incredibly bullish.

imagine how much they'll be raking in the dough once they branch out to ethots/cosplay as their major shareholders (us) desire

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buy some physical because you should always have some physical just to be safe and put what you can afford to risk in to mining companies.
chances are the economy is going to shit itself and the miners are going to moon.
if you don't take the chance nothing will change. You are not late and you are not early you are right on time if you act decisively.

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