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>tfw knowing this dump attempt will fail like all the other recent ones

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These bids are downright insulting. $6,969.69 is the best I can do.

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>tfw liquidated my entire Roth of boomer funds over the last few weeks averaging down almost daily
>tfw unrealized gains from GME are 6x more than the Roth and (mostly) boomer funds collectively earned me
>tfw no taxes on these gains

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/r ing Andrew Left with painting of pink wojaks hanging themselves in the background
Please accept this pepe in advance

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Alright the scared fags all sold, back up we go

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Unironically holding up not so bad against the broad market

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>tfw today is the 52 week low as of 2/9/2022 and you bought it

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In principle I know it's a retarded idea, I agreed to the loans and although I was young and naive I wasn't fucking mentally handicapped so they're my burden to bare. In practice, gimme that 50k my nigga I don't give a shit about anyone else.

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>sell now or forever carry the bag
No problem.

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