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>Resister a crypto mining business
>Use it solely for deductions and sometimes for mining in crypto bull markets
>Write off my 5000 dollar gaming PC as a business expense
>run my miner for a month in a bear market
>Write off all basic computer upgrades as deductions for my "business"
>pay less than a dollar in taxes because it's a fucking crypto bear market

Holy shit, I love my retarded boomer politicians taxing mined cypto as basic income. These people are geniuses. Tech illiterate geniuses.

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Oh how sorry you'll be.

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>You really don't think "The Graph" is easy to copy? Don't you get how conflicting that is? "The Graph" is trying to build out "Web 3," which is a copy of Web 2, which was a copy of Web 1, which was a copy of email, which was a copy of paper mail, which was a copy of courier pigeon mail, which was a copy of talking really loudly to a group of assembled people, which was a copy of talking to just a few people, which was a copy of talking to just one person, which was a copy of talking to yourself, which was a copy of non-verbal thinking, which was a copy of electro-magnetic synapse firing or some ridiculous nonsense and yet you think that "The Graph" is not easy to copy? Copying is the only thing that ever happens. Nothing original has ever been done let alone tried.
We're in the presence of a true genius

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Just buy puts so.

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I consoome only.

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This except i got in around $25-$30.

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No one is selling. It’s called market manipulation.

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I’m currently a student and will never have an actual job. Only taxes I care about are sales, nicotine, and wee—-goddamnit i hate this fucking city

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If dubs we win, if singles we win

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Just bought some more, feeling comfy. This is the bottom, frens

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i exclusively invest in pokemon coins

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>bought another 10 BNB when it dipped
>already up 20%
You have to be clinically retarded if you didn't take that obvious as fuck opportunity

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truly sage wisdom anon

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I ordered 13 of those earlier this morning too, anon. Nicely done.

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Fucking legend

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There are tons of normies who see a crypto crash for the actual first time. They are shhitting their pants so hard atm and guess when they will sell? yeah, exactly, at the fucking bottom to save at least a few dollars since “btc is dead now“.

“My lil btc stock is doin sum“ tyrones are waking up in a few hours - what do you think will happen then?

This was just the fucking beginning. This crash will be huge.

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You sold the dip, right anon?

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The mental health issues is the price we paid for NEETing for years thanks to crypto

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dont forget about the last minute spike anon.

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Rest of my portfolio is in TQQQ MOON and ARK. How am I doing boys?

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